LisaRaye McCoy Clashes with Judy Dupart over Baby News

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Da Brat’s relationship with LisaRaye McCoy has been tested.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” star Da Brat took a major step when she opened up about her romance with Jessica “Judy” Dupart. For Brat, she was terrified about being more vocal about her personal life. She worried people would judge her. However, she knew Judy was the one for her. So she decided to no longer allow her fear to hold her back from sharing her happiness with the world. Judy made some appearances on GUHHATL, and eventually, the couple got their own spinoff on WE tv. Now fans can watch “Brat Loves Judy” to get updates on Brat’s romance with the successful entrepreneur.

Interestingly enough, Brat has been in the headlines due to her relationship with her sister LisaRaye McCoy. In the past, LisaRaye has said she was upset because had to learn about Brat’s romance with Judy on social media. The revelation came when Da Brat tried to surprise LisaRaye for her birthday on Fox Soul.

LisaRaye was heated. She said she hasn’t been on speaking terms with her sister so she didn’t anticipate she’d pop up on “Cocktails with Queens.” Regardless of the drama causing a stir on social media, Da Brat and LisaRaye were able to get past that. Interestingly enough, LisaRaye would later reveal she had no idea that the couple was getting married and have a baby on the way.

Well, this will be addressed on the upcoming season of “Brat Loves Judy.” After Judy seemingly tells LisaRaye that Da Brat didn’t have to tell her sister she’s having a baby. LisaRaye doesn’t appear to agree.

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  1. I love these 2 ladies❤️♥️. They balance each other out wonderfully.
    Never really liked LisaRaye. She has this real funky demeanor about her.
    Who knew that she & Brat were sisters? Neither one claimed each other throughout their careers until now but why?
    LisaRaye displayed her truth on that Queens show. She used another show to apologize. Come on now.
    Now she’s feeling left out of a future pregnancy. Excuse me but LisaRaye hasn’t been privy to any moves Brat has made. Was she there when Brat was locked up? She mos def didn’t try to help her to possibly get out.
    Bottom line, I need to send a case of long-handled spoons to my sister Brat…she’s gonna need them.
    LisaRaye is a phoney b!+©π.

  2. Actually it has been known from the beginning that Lisaraye and Vrat were sisters. Additionally, it is also a known fact that Lisaraye was the Brat’s only consistent visitor while Brat was locked up. Lisaraye kept money on Brat’s commissary and handled her business the whole time Brat was locked up. They have always been each other’s biggest cheerleaders and confidants. It is only recently that Brat hasn’t been sharing things with Lisaraye. So I get where she is coming from. I do agree with you that Lisaraye does have a funky attitude but it has never been toward the Brat. She has always been there for her little Sister. I’m not a big fan of Lisaraye’s, but she ain’t lying about the openness she and the Brat shared until recently.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Da Brat and Lisa Raye has always let it be known they were sisters. All the back from MTV Cribs when lisa daughter had Da Brat posters on her wall and stated that is her sister. I hate that Judy is causing trouble between sisters. If they had a relationship where they told each others business then let it continue. I too never really cared for lisa. She always seem to have an uppity attitude.

  3. Brat has someone else to share her confidence with and LisaRaye is being leftout and she doesn’t like it. She is going to have to realize that Brat has Judy and they are not sharing with her.

  4. Just because she has Judy now doesn’t mean she should ish on LisaRaye. If Judy decides to walk away tomorrow, her sister will still be her sister

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