LHHH Recap: A1 Admits to Affair with Summer Bunni + Says Lyrica Cheated on Him Too

LHHH Season 6 Episode 3
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Lyrica and Apple face off with Summer Bunni.

Since it’s Yo Yo’s event, she tells them she wants them to hash things out. But it immediately turns into a screaming match. Apple and Summer have to be restrained by security, and Summer starts getting rude with Lyrica.

Princess then asks Summer why she’s mad at Lyrica when she’s sleeping with Lyrica’s husband, and Summer goes off on Princess. Princess tries to run up and gets restrained by Ray J.

After everything goes left, Summer is escorted away. But Yo Yo persuades Lyrica to talk to Summer away from everyone else while she mediates.

Lyrica says she heard Summer only FaceTimed A1 and they never slept together.

Summer says this is true and Lyrica then walks off.

But she says something smart on the way out.

“I’ma go f*ck my n*gga.” – Lyrica

This irritates Summer and Yo Yo consoles her as she cries.

Summer comes clean.

As Lyrica prepares to leave, Summer follows her and tells Lyrica that she has slept with A1 multiple times. And she’s going to sleep with him again, too.

Lyrica already felt like A1 cheated. But she refuses to let this information upset her.

Summer then walks away.

Yo Yo and Apple go pay their respects to Nipsey.

After his death, they go to his memorial to drop off flowers.

Yo Yo says they had a bond because she respected all he did for the community. And she knows that he is someone that Apple can look up to.

Zell returns.

He goes to the park to work out with Apryl and Paris.

Zell says a lot has changed since he was kicked off the show for assaulting Misster Ray.

Apryl updates Paris and Zell about what went down with Moniece. She says they are on better terms and Moniece asked her to go on tour with her.

Zell says Apryl should go on tour with him and Paris instead.

They also discuss Brittany B. Apryl feels she was condescending towards her.

As far as feuds and bad vibes, Zell says he’s now on good terms with Misster Ray. But Paris says she still doesn’t like Ray and she doesn’t trust him either.

Raz B is having a hard time on tour.

At one point during the tour, he told fans he was quitting. There was some behind the scenes stuff that went down but Fizz says this is just how Raz does things.

He eventually decides to rejoin the tour.

So Fizz and Spectacular go to the radio station Yung Joc works for to do an interview.

They admit there’s been a lot of drama to take place during the tour.

Micky Munday performs.

Yo Yo is there in attendance to watch the show. In a green screen interview, Yo Yo says he’s one of her former hip hop students.

Kurupt is there too and says that Micky is a mix of hip hop and rock.

Micky says that rap was the first genre of music he heard. His dad was a huge fan of NWA.

Kurupt and Micky go off to the side to talk.

Yo Yo then tells Apple to chill out on her drama with Summer Bunni. She wants Apple to know the situation is no longer any of her concern.

Later on, Yo Yo goes and interviews at Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee and Apryl.

They discuss Nipsey’s death and Jason opens up about seeing his brother die at a bowling alley.

A1’s mother confronts him about the rumors.

She picks A1 up in an Uber. When she brings up Summer Bunni, A1 gets irritated. He refuses to talk about the situation.

In a green screen interview. A1 says he’s not looking forward to seeing Lyrica.

J Boog worries about Fizz and Apryl.

After wrapping up another show and doing a tribute to Nipsey, Fizz and J Boog talk.

Although Fizz says Apryl is just his best friend, Boog says he’s not convinced they aren’t more in a green screen interview.

And he worries this relationship could hurt B2K’s attempt at making money.

Lyrica pops up at A1’s show.

A1 is performing in LA with T-Pain.

He’s thankful for the opportunity and he believes T-Pain is a legend. For A1, this performance is a wonderful distraction from his drama with Lyrica.

Meanwhile, Lyrica is arriving to the show. She’s ready to confront A1 about what Summer Bunni told her.

A1 comes clean.

Lyrica and her friend go backstage to confront A1.

He admits that he did sleep with Bunni but it shouldn’t matter because Lyrica cheated on him last year.

But Lyrica says he cheated after they renewed their vows. And she feels like any other woman would have cheated on him multiple times because he’s a horrible husband.

She then tells him she can’t be with him anymore.

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