LHHH Recap: K. Michelle & Lyrica Make Peace + Brittany B. Clashes with Paris

LHHH Season 6 Episode 4
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Fizz gives A1 some advice.

A1 says Lyrica has been giving him the silent treatment. So he’s been keeping his distance. He decides to play some basketball with Mickey, Fizz, Booby and one of Booby’s associates. They have some small talk. Fizz tells the guys that he’s just close friends with Apryl and nothing more.

Boobie says he’s a single man and he’s interested in Apryl. So hearing that they are just friends gives Boobie an opportunity. Mickey says he has a new woman in his life. It’s a model named Slick. He loves that Slick started from the bottom to become a success.

A1 discusses Summer Bunni. He admits that he did sleep with her. And he told Lyrica at one of his shows. And she’s not speaking to him now. Fizz says A1 needs to try to fight for his marriage and do whatever it takes to get her back.

Brittany has a past with Lyrica.

Lyrica takes Princess to look at possible apartments. She’s really considering moving out and having her own place. In a green screen interview, Princess says she’s been in Lyrica’s shoes before. In her opinion, A1 was wrong to do what he did when he and Lyrica renewed their vows.

Princess says Ray cheated and admitted it to her. He didn’t get his act together until she left and got her own place. And she’s convinced Lyrica moving out will open up A1’s eyes too. It’s a depressing situation for Lyrica.

Brittany B. and K. Michelle catch up on the beach. She gets annoyed when Brittany tells her that Black Chyna wants to do music. K. goes off and says that music is the only industry where fake artists can thrive after having careers as gold diggers. So she’s not feeling this and she also doesn’t feel like Moniece is taking music seriously either. K. wonders how Moniece and Apryl can tour without any music.

She wants to reach out to Lyrica. She hates how they fell out and she wants them to make peace. As for Brittany, she doesn’t like Lyrica. They were close at one point and she says Lyrica turned on her. According to her, Lyrica told people she didn’t know Brittany. This angered Brittany because she used to pay for Lyrica’s studio sessions.

A1 wants another chance.

Mickey has dinner with his family. His parents have been broken up for 12 years but they still live together. He has a nine-year-old daughter. His sister is eating with them. Although he loves music, he doesn’t feel like he really fits in anywhere. He met Akon who made a lot of promises to him. He believed that he would become a star but it never happened. Mickey regrets this. And his parents agree. He feels like Akon let him down.

Tricia is the A&R for Konvict Muzik, Akon’s label. She’s also Akon’s wife. Both of them have kids from other marriages, but Akon treats her kids as his own. Akon also has multiple wives. Tricia dated Mickey while she had a brief split from Akon. They discuss Mickey’s career and they hope he finds success working with someone else.

Lyrica hasn’t told A1 that she’s been looking for a new place. He attempts to talk to Lyrica back at home. He apologizes and says that he should have never slept with Summer Bunni. But he was lost last year. He wants to work things out. When he asks if Lyrica wants to be with him, she says that this is the most unsure she’s ever felt about being with him. She doesn’t feel like what they have is secure. And that bothers her now that they are parents.

A1 asks Lyrica to go on tour with him. He wants her to perform. And it’s a good way for them to spend time together. Lyrica isn’t sure if she wants to go. But she will think things over.

Brittany isn’t confident about Moniece and Apryl’s tour.

K. Michelle is undergoing IVF again. She says it’s stressful for her to do. But she really wants to have more children. She realizes motherhood is about sacrifices. So she has to get through this. She is thankful to know her surrogate on a personal level.

Moniece is rehearsing with her vocal coach. Apryl is there as well. Minutes later, Brittany B comes through. In a green screen interview, Brittany says she’s not impressed and she can barely hear anything when she discusses Apryl’s vocals. Apryl, Moniece, and Brittany start harmonizing. The vocal coach says he needs Apryl to get a little bit louder.

After they end their vocal session, Brittany speaks her mind. She still doesn’t understand how Apryl and Moniece can tour together. Moniece says she never had an issue with Apryl, just Fizz. But they talked things out and they are good now. Brittany says the only song Apryl has out is the diss track she made about Moniece. So Brittany will need more convincing that this tour will be serious.

Mickey and Tricia meet up at a restaurant. They dated for four months. But she’s back with Akon. Mickey says that he’s happy with his new boo Slick. Tricia isn’t buying this and says Slick isn’t even Mickey’s type. The exes decide to work on their friendship.

K. Michelle and Lyrica make peace.

While Lyrica is rehearsing, K. Michelle walks in. She says, “I come in peace, b*tch.” The two women decide to hash things out. Lyrica says their fallout was petty. But K. saying she slept with Safaree may have caused her issues with A1. But she does not put all the blame on her. After Lyrica says she’s going through a lot, K. breaks down in tears and says that she knows what it’s like for the world to think Lyrica is a liar.

They discuss the Summer Bunni situation. Lyrica gets emotional and says she doesn’t want Ocean to be without his father. K. tells Lyrica to focus on her career and her son. And she can perform at an upcoming showcase K. Michelle is having and skip A1’s tour. It’s time to put herself over A1.

Brittany B throws an event at a bowling alley. Misster Ray and Jason come through. She also invited Zell but gets upset when she sees his plus one is Paris. Regardless, she plays it cool at first. Ray and Zell tell everyone they are cool now. They hug it out and Zell says he regrets assaulting Ray at the reunion. And Ray regrets judging Zell before he got to know him. Brittany then says she wants Paris to go and brings up the Uber situation and K. Michelle’s accusations. The two women start arguing and Zell interjects on Paris’ behalf. Security then intervenes.

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