‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Jackie Questions Her Friendship with Evelyn + Evelyn Calls Out OG

Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 12 Recap
Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

On the latest “Basketball Wives,” Jackie hosts a podcast roundtable and invites all of the girls, even Evelyn. But when only OG and CeCe show up, Jackie begins to question her friendship with the ladies, especially, Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Evelyn believes OG is trying to divide the group.

Lastly, Kristen and CeCe’s beef isn’t ending anytime soon. Although Kristen invites Byron to dinner to talk, CeCe wasn’t invited to their family sit-down.

Here’s the recap for, “Episode 12.”

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  1. These woman are such a bad example of black women empowerment. All these women do is tear each other down.sad..I respect Shaunie Tami and even Malaysia ,maybe OG,but the rest smh..Perfect example of mean girls..remember how they used to call Tami ghetto,but Jennifer and Evelyn act like hood rats..I mean cmon they are mothers.it’s not ok for older women to be fighting in the streets like that.This is such a bad look. Look how Tami has changed.Look how excited Evelyn got when someone was talking about Maylasias kids.A friend would have shut that down.ijs

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