GUHHNY Recap: Angela Wants Clarity with Lil Mama + YDB Tells Kushy He’s a Polygamist

GUHHNY Season 1 Episode 2
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YDB’s annoyed with his sister and the stylist.

The episode begins with Young Dirty Bastard frustrated with his sister and stylist. YDB isn’t happy with the clothing decisions for his photoshoot and it’s’ causing everyone to clash. His sister is frustrated with YDB because he’s not focused enough on his career over the ladies. She and their mom plead with him to focus on the music instead of the women but, YDB wants to put a baby in Kushy.

Meanwhile, Brittney joins Ja Rule’s in the gym and recaps what happened at JoJo’s party. She tells them about being confronted about his Fyre Festival failure and he brings up that they all will be approached about it. Ja tells her what happened with him doesn’t affect her. She also tells him about JJ getting caught with weed in the car and Angie finding out.

Irv Gotti isn’t going to snitch on JJ to his mom.

Speaking of Angie, she talks to JJ about the arrest again. Angie’s mostly disappointed he never told her about it yet. Irv joins them and tells Angie he wasn’t about to snitch on JJ to her or their mom. Both of them are mum when it comes to his mom finding out. Irv tells them she’s going to be blamed for JJ getting arrested. So he tells them not to tell their mom Deb.

Lil Mama’s back and she’s hanging with Arnstar, her brother. Both are throwing a party with their brother Lil True and they feel it’s something that can get them major recognition. But the party is on short notice and Lil Mama tells them their dad is going to be critical. Speaking of their dad, he comes by and hears about it and he’s not happy. He wants Lil Mama to focus on her music instead of throwing a party. However, he doesn’t stand in their way of the last-minute party.

Angela reveals an awkward friendship with Lil Mama.

Meanwhile, Angie’s also in town and stops by JoJo’s apartment. She asked him about his engagement and it’s going okay. He and his fiance have been arguing because they can’t agree on having more kids and JoJo wants more. Things get interesting when JoJo tells Angie about Lil Mama’s party. Angie tells JoJo things are awkward between her and Lil Mama. In the past, Lil Mama pulled her aside at an event to talk about it.

Da’Zyna AKA Kushy is excited about her upcoming date with YDB and called her friends over to help her pick out an outfit. She tells her friends about who YDB is and she’s asked if he has a girlfriend or children. She tells them she’s not trying to move so fast. She’s just trying to have a good time.

Meanwhile, Fat Joe’s raiding around with his son and Joe’s a little disappointed in him. Ryan hasn’t been in their store much instead of the studio and Joe tells them he’s gotta come with the music soon.

“You gotta earn your spot.” – Fat Joe

Ryan scoffs at Fat Joe’s belief that a rapper’s kid hasn’t made it in the rap game. But Fat Joe strongly believes that it’s next to impossible for a rapper’s child to make it.

Da’Zyna and YDB hit it off well.

YDB meets up with Kushy at a mixology class for their date and when she walks in, he’s immediately smitten with her look. Da’Zyna finds him cool, funny and attractive. During the date, Da’zyna tells YDB about Flava Flav and their beef with one another. YDB tells her she should extend the olive branch to Flava. Next, YDB tells Da’Zyna about the photoshoot and she tells YDB to be nicer to her sister. Overall, their date went well, even after YDB tells Da’Zyna he is a polygamist.

When he walks her to the Uber, he invites Da’Zyna to his birthday party and she accepts. She leaves, he calls his girlfriend Angela. Angela tries to get out of him where he’s going for the night but he hangs up on her.

Lil Mama shows up late to her own party.

Meanwhile, Lil Mama’s drawing inspiration from Mary J. Blige for her party outfit. Vina and Madina take the 90s theme seriously as well and links up with Lil Mama and Arnstar at the hotel. Brittney shows up to the venue and no ones there. So she calls it a night.

While at the hotel, Arnstar and Vina seemingly flirt with one another. They’ve been friends for a good while. JoJo, Ryan, and Tanice show up later but the venue is still light on the crowd. Angela shows up and she gets frustrated because Lil Mama isn’t there yet. She’s told Lil Mama is on her way but this isn’t the case. After about an hour of waiting, Angela leaves just as Lil Mama gets into her limo.

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