Moniece Slaughter Responds After Apryl Jones Says Fizz Was Her Savior After Omarion Left Her

Photo Credit: VH1

Lil Fizz’s relationship with Apryl Jones continues to be a hot topic. And both are addressing the rumors on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” Apryl doesn’t feel like it’s scandalous to be in a relationship with Fizz. She says he’s her biggest supporter and he came through after Omarion left her. In fact, he’s been there for her and the kids.

As for Moniece, she claims Fizz hasn’t been as helpful with their own son. In fact, she says there were times she needed Fizz to help out with Kam and he refused. Moniece shared her thoughts on the official “Love And Hip Hop” Instagram page. Check out the video and screenshots below.

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