‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Husband Chris Bassett Takes Shots at Ashley Darby

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard has been feuding with Ashley Darby. Things went left between them after Candiace questioned if Ashley was really trying to get pregnant. As things worsened, Candiace threw many jabs on Twitter. And she also delivered some in person at the reunion.

Interestingly enough, her husband Chris Bassett isn’t here for Ashley either. He clashed with Michael Darby at the reunion. But Ashley did refer to Chris as a gold digger during an argument. Now he’s throwing shade of his own on Twitter.

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  1. Again another ignorant person. Nancy, Jack, and Gabriella! Ashley is trailer trash. She is a poorer version of Anna Nicole Smith period! Better yet pageant honey boo boo to the 2nd power! Candace is the only well educated woman on that show. The little brown girl comes from a wealthy and educated background. You missed that the last 2 seasons I assume. Giselle said it best for Ashley as the prenup was running out!

    1. Ain’t nothing trailer trash about Ashley. It’s like some of you never step into the real world and live on the internet all day. I’ve seen trailer trash and Ashley ain’t it. And Candiace is not the only well educated person on the show. She isn’t even the one whom has the most influential family background. That would be Gizelle. Karen and Gizelle were in Jack and Jill while Candiace was competing in pageants no one ever heard of. She’s a cool girl but she embellishes her life a lot. I also don’t think her family is all that wealthy either. There are no receipts.

  2. He is sounding very papa smurfish….Chris and Peter are one in the same….he needs to stay out of women’s business. No one asked Chris for his opinion….smh

  3. Ashley can dish it, but she can’t take it!!! She’s in so much denial about her hubby, but deep down she knows the truth . He didn’t give her that child til the s-xual allegations came into play. Candice is straightforward and doesn’t sway left or right. She’s not jealous of Ashley. What does Ashley have that Candice doesn’t??? Ashely married grandpa because she’s a golddigger and can’t stand on her own. Michael is going to mess up again, karma coming back around. If he isn’t gay, he’s definitely bis-xual.

    1. ASHLEY can take it and she did it well. Yes her husband is older but not to old to make a BABY! Let’s be real hear we’re living in a era where you never really know what your partners are doing whether it be lover, husband, boyfriend. Or whatever . So that being said I would prefer security because infidelity is running ramped. People relationships come and go . It takes Money to live and if she’s trying to secure that. I applaud that. Better that than get stuck with a baby and food stamps. I’m keeping it real!!!

  4. That broke a.. white boy should go some where are sit down. Take his spoiled mean and hoochie acting wife with him.

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