‘Basketball Wives’ Star Shaunie O’Neal Says OG Pushed Her While Trying to Run up on Feby Torres

Photo Credit: VH1

The women of “Basketball Wives” had some things to say about OG and Cece Guitterez at the reunion. Kristen Scott pulled out her phone and gave a recap on previous texts she says she received from Cece. Although Cece accused Kristen of calling Shaunie O’Neal a b*tch, Kristen now says that after looking at the texts, it was actually Cece who called Shaunie that.

OG is then discussed. Evelyn Lozada says she doesn’t want to be around OG because OG taunted her about her “abuser” Chad Johnson. When the women are told OG feels she is a victim of colorism, Kristen points out that she and Malaysia are also dark-skinned. The women feel the issue isn’t OG’s complexion but the fact that they are fearful she will hurt them. Shaunie then goes on to say that while trying to stop OG from attacking Feby, OG actually pushed her into a wall.

Check out the video below.

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