‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star Zell Swag Claps Back at Brittany B. & Criticism from Viewers

Photo Credit: VH1

Brittany B. has been busy with multiple feuds on the current season of “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” She’s had explosive moments with Lyrica Anderson. Things almost got violent between them. But her biggest source of tension is with Zell Swag and Paris Phillips.

It all started when Zell brought Paris to Brittany’s get together at the bowling alley. Brittany resented this. She’s in a good place with K. Michelle and she has opinions about Paris’ fallout with K. So Brittany got a little shady and made a reference to the Uber incident. This did not sit well with Zell and Paris. And Brittany has been clashing with the two best friends since.

On the most recent episode, a confrontation happened on the party bus to Vegas. Brittany has been vocal about the drama on social media. She recently said that Zell is bullying her. And he never goes this hard on other men on the show. Some viewers even called Zell out online and accused him of getting in Brittany’s face. But Zell denied this on the show’s official Instagram page. Check out the screenshot below.

He also had something to say on his Instagram page.

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