‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: The Cast Denies Colorism Claims + OG’s Boyfriend Slams Feby

Basketball Wives Season 8 Episode 17
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Evelyn refuses to film with OG on the set.

The reunion taping begins with the cast showing up and everything seems normal. Tami doesn’t show up. As the women are in their makeup chairs, Evelyn throwing shade at OG, saying she’s unemployed with Kwame and they live with her mom. She then goes over to see Shaunie to tell her about OG’s posts on social media about Chad. Shaunie says she was pushed by OG and OG tried to assault production. Evelyn doesn’t want to be around OG.

Reunion host Marc Lamont Hill goes to OG’s dressing room to tell OG that she won’t be allowed on the main stage with the rest of the cast. OG scoffs at this and says this is occurring because of the color of her skin and she threatens to go home as a result of this. Marc says he’ll see what he can do and Kwame calls it bulls***. Next, Marc goes to Jackie to try and talk to OG about this. When Marc goes to talk to CeCe, this news angers her. She says it doesn’t make any sense to have OG in a separate room.

This is all causing a two-hour delay. Jackie does her best to persuade OG to do this. But OG doesn’t balk and says she’s going to go home. CeCe says she’s going to leave if OG’s leaving. Meanwhile, Evelyn, Feby, Kristen, and Malaysia are on set with Shaunie. CeCe and OG stand firm and leave. Jackie then gets miffed when she learns she’s not sitting right next to Marc and she heads back to the stage. Shaunie asks if she can sit next to her due to Jackie and at first Evelyn says no.

Eventually, cooler heads prevail but first, a game of “musical chairs” ensues as Malaysia refuses to be anywhere close to Jackie, claiming Jackie was the one to talk about her kids and sits next to Jennifer.

Finally, the reunion begins.

They talk about how Evelyn didn’t want to be on the same set with OG and CeCe and OG left with her. Byron also showed up, according to Marc, and left with CeCe. Evelyn says that OG took things too far, taunting her with Chad. When Marc brings up OG’s colorism claim, the cast refutes this. Shaunie then reveals OG pushed her at Jackie’s early-season crystal event as she tried to fight Feby.

They then recap the beginning of the season, including Evelyn’s treatment from a shaman. They also talk about Jackie’s crystal event.

Next, they talk about Feby and her alleged OG diss track, and beef with Jackie. Marc asks if the diss track was about OG and Feby says it wasn’t. However, Jackie refutes this, saying there was a consensus that everyone thought OG wore a fake Gucci shirt. Feby says she regrets ever being friends with Jackie.

This conversation devolves into an insult-filled back and forth.

Jennifer irritates Shaunie.

Next, Jennifer and her rumors become the topic of the reunion. They recap Shaunie and Evelyn’s back and forth with Jennifer during the season. Evelyn regrets implying Jennifer became an a**hole, using her mom’s death as an excuse. The conversation turns to Shaunie’s feelings about the situation. Shaunie gets annoyed when Jennifer says she never said the Shaq and Evelyn rumor wasn’t true. Shaunie walks off the set to cool off.

After a few moments to cool off, Shaunie returns. Things got serious when they spoke about Shaunie’s son Shareef’s surgery and how it brought Shaunie and Shaq together. Shareef’s 100 percent better and is getting ready to play at UCLA.

OG returns.

OG and Kwame had a change of heart and return to the set. She’s on the satellite stage and Evelyn’s not pleased. OG says she wants to use this opportunity to defend herself and voice her opinions. She also says she never got physical with anyone in the cast and says this is all a colorism issue. Feby says she didn’t talk about her color of OG’s skin but just called her ugly.

Malaysia speaks up and says everyone just doesn’t like OG. Kwame then speaks up next and calls out Feby, saying she needs to go back to Lance Stephenson because her rap videos are awful.

What are your thoughts on part one of the reunion?


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