‘Love & Marriage’ Recap: Melody Tells Martell She’s Pregnant + Latisha & Melody’s Feud Continues

Love and Marriage Season 2 Episode 6
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Kimmi’s hurt by Maurice’s plan.

As the rain falls at the cabin in Tennessee, Kimmi learned from Maurice that he asked Kiwuha to move to Huntsville and even offered to pay for their housing. This news hurts Kimmi as she feels violated by Maurice. However, Kimmi allows herself to be consoled by Maurice, who says he’s putting his son first. Meanwhile, Martell found himself in his room calling Dr. Francis. He tells Dr. Francis about his current living arrangements and Dr. Francis says he would have to ask Melody about how things got to that point.

Later that morning, most of Cedarric’s guests are coming down for breakfast. And Neville showed up and this made Melody happy. Martell and Marsau also confirmed their reconciled relationship via a huge blueberry pancake. Kimmi and Maurice came down dressed alike and everyone is inconspicuous to their newly found struggles.

Melody tells Martell she’s pregnant.

While hanging out with everyone, Melody leaves for her room with stomach pains. When Martell goes to check on Melody, she drops the news about being pregnant. Martell says this could bring them closer together. Of course, Melody side eyes this notion and she says this makes her divorce an even more difficult choice. Later on, Kimmi goes to check on Melody. When Melody tells Kimmi she’s okay, Kimmi vents to Melody about Maurice’s plan with his ex.

Meanwhile, Maurice tells the guys about his plan. Marsau is shocked at this move and calls it a s***show. However, Maurice stands on his goal of raising his son. Cedarric said he believed Maurice would’ve had a place in Michigan already. Martell understands where Maurice is coming from and feels everyone else can’t see where he’s coming from.

The ladies are having a relaxing time in the hot tub and last night’s dinner is the topic of conversation. The girls suggest to Latisha the girls need to have a conversation with Melody. But Latisha says they had this conversation and it didn’t go anywhere. Latisha also threw shade and said Martell paid for his mistress’ BMW.

Latisha and Melody continue their beef.

Later on, the couples are cooking together and bonding. Martell is using the moment to flirt with Melody. However, Melody isn’t paying him too much mind. Afterward, Latisha approached Melody for another talk and Melody agreed. During their talk, Latisha and Melody bring up their communication with one another.

Things get tense when Latisha says Martell needs to apologize as his comments could’ve destroyed her house and she’s adamant that Marsau has not cheated in their marriage.

In fact, she dares Martell to bring the receipts if there’s proof. At the end of the conversation, things didn’t go well and the girls immediately notice the tension. Latisha than pulls Marsau aside to vent. Marsau says she’s better than this.

It’s finally time for their dinner and Cedarric has toasts everyone and the dinner. Latisha is going to take Marsau’s advice to not focus on her tension with Melody. Marsau tells everyone at the dinner that he and Latisha are growing closer even after being married for 13 years. However, Melody then asks if men are even able to be faithful to a woman.

Things get quiet when Latisha says she never experienced cheating with Marsau.

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