‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Goes off on Donna After She Voices Concerns About Opening a Shop in Brooklyn

Photo Credit: VH1

Cease is determined to open another shop in Brooklyn. He’s found a location and he’s been in talks with the city council to make things happen. With everything falling in place, he has no patience for anyone who is not on board. Teddy had doubts. Now Donna is having some doubts as well.

On the upcoming episode, she expresses her concerns. She tells Cease that she doesn’t think it would be safe to have a shop in Brooklyn. And other shops have made it clear on social media that they don’t want Black Ink there. So she believes it’s very possible that something violent could happen. Someone could get hurt.

This did not sit well with Cease. It’s a sensitive topic for him since his best friend was murdered in Brooklyn still running Cease’s former shop. So Cease ends up going all the way off.

Check out the preview below.

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