‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: LaTisha & Melody Make Up + Martell Reveals Melody’s Pregnant

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 2 Episode 8
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Martell angered Melody.

Melody’s at home and rudely wakes up Martell angry that he was out late. Martell uses the moment to question why Melody’s telling their business. Melody replies that he shouldn’t be creating “business.” Next, Melody tells Martell she will accept his offer to go to therapy. Meanwhile, Kimmi’s with her sister Nicole out and about in Huntsville. Kimmi’s planning a toiletry drive for women and she’s looking to host a block party.

While hanging out, Kimmi vents to Nicole about Maurice’s plan to move Kiwua to Huntsville. She tells Nicole how intense the meeting was with Kiwua and how she’s been disrespectful ever since they’ve met.

Martell and Melody are promoting their business on the local radio station with Toni Terrell. The comeback group comes up and Melody says everything is on hold. Toni says this seems like it’s an R&B group breaking up. Their relationship drama also comes up. They both handle the questions very well, with Martell admitting he made poor decisions in the past.

LaTisha learns about Melody’s beef with Martell.

Meanwhile, LaTisha and Marsau are at home and LaTisha’s drinking before going over to a game night at Melody and Martell’s house. LaTisha’s nowhere close to excited. However, Martell squashed his beef with Martell and he wants LaTisha to squash things with Melody. He tells LaTisha Melody told him Martell’s mistress called him again recently. This causes LaTisha to swallow her pride and go to game night.

The Holts are getting ready to host their game night and it’s been a while since they had everyone over their house. Maurice’s wearing a #Comeback shirt in light of the Holt’s interview. He hopes it will bring everyone back together. However, Kimmi doesn’t have much hope. Kimmi and Maurice are the first to arrive and they immediately point out the shirt.

Kimmi and Maurice learn Melody’s pregnant.

Martell lets it slip out that Melody is pregnant, low key angering Melody. This doesn’t stop Kimmi and Maurice from being happy for them. Next, LaTisha and Marsau arrive and Melody’s ready to see if LaTisha’s ready to move forward. Kimmi gets pulled aside by Melody and told not to tell LaTisha she’s pregnant. LaTisha joins them and she’s seemingly jealous of a bond Kimmi’s forming with Melody. Next, Kimmi plays referee and gets both of them to apologize to one another.

Adaira and Cedarric show up with a Huntsville monopoly game and new couple Destiny and Le’berck arrive. The game was based on the comeback group. Kimmi brings up the comeback group and this annoys Melody. She doesn’t like that Melody and Martell didn’t promote her charity event on the radio. Melody then brings up the flyer for the event. She takes issue with the fact that it said that the whole comeback group would be there. This is not the case. In Melody’s opinion, they should all vote to approve the comeback group being used on promotional materials. Marsau says he fell asleep with his eyes open and Le’berck jumps in. The talk of the comeback group makes things tense and LaTisha and Kimmi head off to vent. LaTisha also brings up Melody and Kimmi’s private conversation. She feels Kimmi and Melody were talking behind her back. But Kimmi assures her this isn’t the case although she can’t reveal what was said.

Melody and Martell’s therapy session was stressful.

Finally, Martell and Melody had to Dr. Francis’ office for their joint therapy session. The session was not smooth for Martell. While Melody says she felt betrayed by cheating, Martell says he felt neglected by Melody romantically. This makes Melody cry, saying it was hurtful. She’s also miffed when Martell says he pushed her into where she is today but she hasn’t thanked him for this. He also tells her he also feels unappreciated.

Dr. Francis says Martell is putting a bunch of expectations on Melody and it’s killing their marriage.

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