LHHH Recap: Fizz Accuses Moniece of Trying to Sabotage His Past Relationships

LHHH Season 6 Episode 13
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Sobriety is still a challenge for Teairra.

Teairra is back. She pops up at Zell and Paris’ place. She was recently arrested for drinking and driving in New York. Teairra plans to fight the case and work on being sober. So she’s going to stay there until her new apartment is ready in a few weeks.

Paris and Zell tell Teairra that drinking and driving is serious. And she could have killed someone. Teairra breaks down crying so Zell and Paris console her.

Yo-Yo and Tiffany have an honest conversation. They admit they have been clashing because Yo-Yo has been really stressed trying to balance taking care of the family and her career. Tiffany hears her out and they share a hug.

Apryl and Fizz take the next step.

Fizz takes Apryl to look at houses. He tells her he wants them to live together. Apryl breaks down in tears and says that she deserves to be happy and be with someone who really cares about her.

Paris meets Princess at a baby clothing store. Princess tells her she’s mad Ray went to Vegas during Melody’s birthday weekend. After she says this, Paris says Ray really was in Vegas working. But Princess isn’t trying to hear this. She also confirms to Paris that she’s pregnant with baby number two.

Jason gets the tea.

Zell meets up with Jason. He tells him that he snapped pictures and video of Fizz and Apryl acting like a couple in Vegas. And he will hand it all over for money. Jason agrees to this after Zell says Apryl angered him by hanging out with Brittany B.

Apple meets Yo-Yo’s friend Big Mike. Mike helps music artists develop their brands. He’s worked with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Apple wants to start a shoe line and Mike can help. However, Yo-Yo worries about there being issues since Apple got the dates of the meeting mixed up and missed a previous one.

Mike pulls up video clips of Apple cursing people out on Instagram Live. He tells her she needs to clean up her image so brands want to work with her. In a green screen interview, Apple says Cardi B has a similar personality and has no issues. So far, a couple of companies have passed up on working with Apple. At this point, Mike says he just can’t work with Apple. Yo-Yo tells Apple to work on herself so she can achieve her goals.

Ray J. and Princess make up.

To make up with Princess, Ray J plans a pregnancy photoshoot for them. Princess says she forgives Ray for the Vegas trip and she just wants him to be around more. Ray tells her he may be touring with Immature soon, so he’ll have to be out of town on the weekends. But Princess and Melody can join him.

Moniece finds out about Apryl and Fizz.

Micky has a pajama party at the skating rink to promote his new single. Everyone is there, including Moniece, Teairra, Jason, Zell, and Paris. When Booby gets there, he shows everyone Jason’s blog post on Hollywood Unlocked which reveals the videos and photos of Apryl and Fizz. As they are discussing it, Moniece walks up. In a green screen interview, Moniece says she already knew Apryl and Fizz were sleeping together. Her son told her he thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Moniece walks off to the bathroom and Teairra goes with her to talk. When it comes to Fizz, Moniece doesn’t care who he dates. But she’s tired of all of Fizz’s girlfriends disrespecting her.

Fizz and Apryl have no regrets.

When Apryl and Fizz come around, they confirm they are together. And Apryl says she didn’t have to tell Moniece anything. Moniece says Apryl owes her nothing. In a green screen interview, Fizz says Moniece always tries to sabotage his relationships. And they haven’t been together in ten years so he’s no longer engaging her.

After Fizz and Apryl walk away, Moniece vents and says it’s disrespectful that she was lied to and they encouraged her son to lie as well.

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