‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Teddy Confronts Tati About Her New Boo + Tati Goes Off

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” star Teddy isn’t a stranger to dating women who work at the shop. And oftentimes, this leads to a lot of drama. On the current season, he’s been dating shop newbie London. So his ex Tati took this as a sign to move on as well.

Tati has found romance with Jemz. Jemz works at the 125th shop. He and Tati have been sleeping together on the low. And Tati finally decided to go public with the relationship on the latest episode. She felt moved to make this decision since things have been going so well between them.

Interestingly enough, Teddy isn’t happy about this when he finds out who Tati has been spending time with. So this results in a blowup between the two exes.

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  1. He’s a misogynistic, chauvinistic f**k boy. She bring in n date whoever she wants. You like to serve it but you don’t want to eat it!! He’s super disrespectful to women. He says n does whatever needs to get them drawz. Literally, moves to the newest woman in the shop right in front of the current) last chicks face every time. But Tati wrong though?

  2. Ted,sky and crystal need to shut up what the hell is Ted’s job sky we know is a sh-t starter she needs to cover her ass up and get back with her sons Ted you hope on any saddle and ride whatever new woman thats new in the shop leave tatie alone you left her let her be happy dang and crystal you may not won’t to. Open. That can of miss.kittie she left the party here you go running her down cescer is yo baby not yo man stop

  3. Wait a min…this babyback b-tch done f**ks every brand new girl in the shop, but the moment Tati moves on he get BIG MAD over it? N**** please….stop actin like you tha sh-t when you a hot sh*tty a-s mess. Homeboy thinks hes a 10…GTFOH ??????

  4. Karma will eventually bite Sky in the a-s!
    Cesear needs to address the mother of his child who is acting like one!
    Ms. Kitty is the epitome of class why she remains in that environment is beyond comprehension!

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