‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Kimmi Gets Nowhere with Kiuwha + Martell Clashes with Wanda

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 2 Episode 14
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Melody spills tea about LaTisha and Marsau.

The episode begins with the couples in their dressing rooms. Kimmi and Maurice see what’s going on and they know the toll it’s taking on the group as a whole. Meanwhile, the Holts are in their dressing room spilling the tea. Melody reveals they’ve loaned a car to LaTisha and Marsau when they were struggling with their business.

Eventually, the reunion continues with Egypt taking a look at Martell and Melody’s relationship issues. Melody tells Egypt that she and Martell are separated. Martell says he wants their marriage to work.

Martell doubled down on calling his mistress a peasant. He says she knew he was married and accepted being a side chick. Next, the Holts’ parents join them on the stage. Melody’s mom Vanessa says she’s disappointed to see them go through the premise of a divorce.

Martell’s mom isn’t really sure Martell isn’t going to cheat again if Melody takes him back.

Marsau’s relationship with Wanda is addressed.

Next, Wanda joins LaTisha and Marsau on the stage to talk about their strained dynamics this season. They recap Marsau’s beef with Wanda. Wanda gets a standing ovation from the audience at the reunion.

During their interview, LaTisha says Marsau met his match with Wanda. Wanda then brings up a story of how she followed Marsau when he left the house at 2 AM. She learned Marsau went where he was supposed to be going and says she doesn’t believe he cheated with 20 other women.

However, she suspects he may have cheated with someone likely when they first got married. Wanda also says she apologized to Martell for slamming him in a video. She says Martell accepted the apology but Melody did not.

Kimmi and Maurice are joined by Kiuwha on the stage.

Things get intense when Kimmi and Maurice join Egypt on the stage. They recap their first two seasons, specifically their struggles with Maurice’s ex. Kiuwha joins them and says she’s taken aback by how Kimmi’s uncomfortable with her. In fact, she says Kimmi could never love Monster if she hates Kiuwha.

Kimmi says Kiuwha has said quite a few ugly things about her. They begin having a back and forth about this. Kiuwha stands with what she said about Kimmi and Maurice dating while they were married. She also says she’s having second thoughts about bringing Monster to Huntsville. This answer visibly disappoints Maurice.

This leads to another conversation when Kiuwha says Kimmi doesn’t want to raise Monster. Maurice interrupts and says Kimmi doesn’t want to raise him alone. Kimmi unleashes into Kiuwha. She wants Kiuwha to own all the hurtful things she’s said. Maurice says it’s frustrating to try and parent Monster with this tension. This brings him to tears but Kiuwha isn’t moved.

Kimmi gets passionate, saying she’s trying to be in Kiuwha’s corner. However, Kiuwha doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t know why Kimmi wants an apology. During the commercial break, Kiuwha says she doesn’t appreciate coming off as a villain on TV. As far as an apology is concerned, she still wants to know what specifically she’s said that she needs to apologize to Kimmi for. When they leave the set, Kimmi hears from Maurice, again, that Kiuwha isn’t going to apologize.

The Holts feud with Wanda.

Finally, all three couples join Egypt on the stage and the subject of a police report comes up. Wanda got into it with the Holts earlier in the season and Marsau filed a report to make sure things didn’t escalate. This occured after Wanda slammed Martell and Melody in a video. Martell and Melody wanted a video apology from the Scotts and Wanda. Marsau accuses Martell of getting too heated during a phone call and seemingly making threats. Egypt brings Wanda on the stage to tell her side of things.

Wanda says she was with family in Bessemer, Alabama and she had a few beers when the video was recorded.

The Scotts and the Holts begin to bicker over the details surrounding when and who posted the clip to social media. Martell goes off on Wanda next, saying she’s not going to disrespect him and his wife. Maurice jumps in and says Wanda apologized and Marsau says this is why he filed the police report.

Before things get intense, Egypt gets control and wraps up the segment with Wanda walking off to another standing ovation.

LaTisha brings up how she’s hurt by their friendships being fractured. She hopes they can get back to being close friends and being positive influences in Huntsville. Both Melody and LaTisha apologize to each other for the hurtful things they have said before the reunion concludes.

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