LHHH Reunion Recap: Moniece Goes Off on Apryl & Fizz + Brittany B Argues with Lyrica & Paris

LHHH Season 6 Episode 21
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Moniece breaks down and goes off on Fizz.

Part 2 of the reunion continues with the cast grilling Apryl and Fizz about their relationship. April insinuates that there were other romantic relationships with B2K members and family members. Jason Lee jumped in to shade Apryl. Meanwhile, Moniece is with Kendall saying Apryl is in no position to be telling her how to be a parent when Apryl was on camera embarrassing herself, saying she slept with multiple celebrities.

Eventually, Moniece returns to the mainstage. Moniece says she doesn’t care about Fizz and Apryl’s relationship. The timeline of April and Fizz’s relationship comes up and they are adamant that they only recently got together, despite images of them being hugged up in a bar back in 2018. Then, Apryl goes off on Moniece allegedly lying about Apryl being pregnant. Moniece says she was told Apryl was pregnant by someone who knows Fizz.

Next, the topic turns to Zell Swagg revealing photos of Apryl and Fizz in the bed to Jason Lee. Zell says it was all about the money and Jason says he respects Fizz. However, he doesn’t care about Apryl. He also reveals backstage Fizz called Jason out his name. This just leads to another argument and Yo-Yo jumps in defending Fizz’s actions and Apryl overall.

After this, they touch on how Moniece dealt with the news and her mental health. Moniece opens up on the stage, saying she needs Fizz to help her co-parent. She screams at him that she needs him to step up and not put her down emotionally. Fizz responds by saying he wants Moniece to give up her responsibility as a parent. This sends Moniece over the edge. She lunges towards Fizz and is grabbed by security.

Fizz says she would give Moniece custody again once she proves she is mentally capable of raising Cam. The cast gives their opinion of the situation and seems to be in Moniece’s corner. Booby says Moniece shouldn’t have to give up custody just because she asks Fizz to watch their son when she struggles with her mental health.

Brittany B beefs with Lyrica and Sia.

Next, Brittany B’s time on the show is recapped, including her beef with Lyrica. K. Michelle joins the cast via satellite in LA. Brittany explains how she met Lyrica and Sia and it’s revealed they had an issue before filming. Of course, this devolves into Brittany and Lyrica arguing. Sia tries to physically confront Brittany and security intervenes. Sia then throws a pillow at Brittany that hits Ray J. Brittany says she put food on Lyrica’s table which incites Lytica. Finally, the host Nina gets control of everything. Backstage, A1 reluctantly defends his estranged wife Lyrica to Kendall, saying he’s now involved in Lyrica’s beef with Brittany.

Afterward, Yo-Yo’s time on the show is addressed, including her strained relationship with her daughter and rebuilding her career. Yo-Yo says the artists today don’t respect those that paved the way before them. Brittany B agrees with Yo-Yo in that rap is overly s*xualized. Nina asks Yo-Yo if she’s happy to be a grandmother and Yo-Yo’s happy about it. However, this isn’t going to slow her down regarding her rap career.

Next, K. Michelle’s time on the show is addressed. K. Michelle worked on her country music album and dealt with a rocky relationship with her surrogate. Backstage with Kendall, Brittany B, J-Boog and Misster Ray make fun of K. Michelle’s country singing. Regarding the surrogate, K. Michelle is still continuing a round of IVF treatments. She’s also moving on to another surrogate.

Brittany B then beefs with Zell and Paris.

Lastly, they touch on the trip to Las Vegas. Paris and Zell rejoin the cast to talk about everything. Ray J says he does regret leaving for Vegas during his child’s birthday weekend. A1 says he showed up to the party after Ray J convinced him to show up. They also address the tension between Brittany B, Paris and Zell Swag. Brittany says things went left on the bus because people can’t keep things real.

Brittany brings up allegations of Zell Swag verbally abusing women. Zell stands by defending Paris. This then leads to a cliffhanger ending as Paris tries to physically confront Brittany.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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