Paris Phillips Finds Humor in K. Michelle Slamming Brittany B. at the ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Reunion

LHHH Brittany B
Photo Credit: VH1

The official “Love And Hip Hop” Instagram account recently posted a highlight from the “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion. In the clip, K. Michelle came for Brittany B, specifically her resume in the business. Apparently, K. didn’t like that Brittany said they worked together. According to K., Brittany just hung out in her studio session for “30 minutes.”

K. Michelle called out Brittany, essentially calling her a fraud, saying, “Anybody can put something on a resume in the music business!” While the two had a back and forth during the reunion after this, Paris decided to make a point in the comments.

Paris said Brittany claimed she and K. Michelle were friends when she began beefing with Paris. So, Paris found it rather ironic that Brittany sided with K. regarding their Uber drama just for K. to call out Brittany at the reunion.

This definitely gave Paris a chuckle.

Check out Paris’ comment below.
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