‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Recap: Porsha Confronts Eva + NeNe Makes it to Toronto

RHOA Season 12 Episode 9 Recap
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Eva is in hot water with Porsha.

Porsha meets her sister Lauren to shop for makeup and catch up. The women discuss the upcoming girls’ trip to Canada. And of course, Dennis. After Porsha says that she and Dennis are repairing things, Lauren tells Porsha to take her time. Porsha agrees and feels like they rushed things the first time.

They also talk about Eva. Apparently, Kandi told Porsha that Eva ranted about Porsha after she found out Porsha told Kenya why she didn’t bring her kids to Brooklyn’s party. And Eva had some harsh things to say. Porsha feels like Eva betrayed her. And she wants to confront her.

NeNe is a question mark.

The ladies meet up at the airport for the trip to Toronto, Tanya’s hometown. Tanya tells them that NeNe isn’t sure if she’s coming. Marlo says that NeNe said she will try to come later but Gregg hasn’t been feeling all that well.

When Kenya arrives, she speaks to everyone, including Marlo. However, Marlo ignores her. Eva also isn’t amused when she learns Yovanna is on the trip.

When they make it to Canada, Marlo can’t locate her passport. She used it in the customs kiosk and hasn’t seen it since. She believes someone stole it from her. However, she’s able to move on through since it was confirmed she did have her passport.

Kenya accuses NeNe of planting a story.

When the women settle in their hotel, Cynthia says that she’s questioning how the letter NeNe wrote her for her wine cellar launch was shared on a blog word from word. The letter was posted on B Scott’s blog.

Kenya then says that NeNe is the one who sent in the letter to the website. So that means her emotional letter was just damage control. Cynthia and Kandi seem to agree with Kenya’s theory.

Marc is then discussed. Kenya says they really aren’t in a good place. She sheds some tears.

Cynthia updates Eva about Kenya nearly ruining her proposal.

After chit-chatting, the ladies attend a quick dance class to prepare for Carnival. Kenya doesn’t go and they suspect it’s because she may be feeling down after talking about her problems with Marc.

When they finish up, Cynthia tells Eva that Kenya told her Mike may be getting ready to propose right before the proposal actually happened. While she’s not mad, Mike does feel some type of way about it.

NeNe arrives in Toronto.

She catches up with Tanya in the hotel lobby. She wants to be mindful of avoiding bad energy and not having any drama. Tanya will tell the ladies NeNe made it while they have some cocktails.

The ladies have some cocktails. Kenya is still missing. When Tanya arrives, she says that NeNe just made it to Toronto. The only one thrilled about this is Marlo.

Minutes later, Kenya shows up. She says she wasn’t feeling good and just needed to take some medicine so she could feel better.

Eva is put in the hot seat.

While having cocktails, Porsha says she has something to get off her chest. She brings up what Kandi told her Eva said about her in a previous conversation regarding Eva not bringing her kids to Brooklyn’s party. The remarks about Porsha needing to focus on healing after having a C-Section and forwarding blogs about Dennis cheating to her are brought up.

Eva says she didn’t say any of this. She denies saying she can forward some of the blogs about Dennis cheating. But Kandi says this is what Eva said and Eva gets mad and forgets the things she says when she reads people.

Cynthia steps in and says that Eva was really mad that day and was hurt by Porsha going back to Kenya saying what she did. But she knows that Eva really does ride for Porsha. Eva apologizes to Porsha and Porsha accepts. The women agree to not let the issue hurt their friendship.

NeNe pops up.

Cynthia then brings up the proposal situation. She says Mike didn’t like that Kenya told Cynthia she felt like Mike was going to propose that day. Kenya says she just had a premonition. This annoys Kandi and Kandi says that she actually texted Kenya because Mike hinted to her that he would be proposing.

Kandi doesn’t understand why Kenya would go back and tell Cynthia she believed a proposal was happening. Regardless, Kenya says she would never do anything to hurt Cynthia. In a green screen interview, Porsha says that she would question the friendship if she was in Cynthia’s shoes.

Minutes later, NeNe joins them. It’s pretty awkward, too.

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