‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Has Another Heated Confrontation with Her Son Des

Photo Credit: VH1

Sky’s relationships with her sons have been very controversial. Although the “Black Ink Crew” star was hoping to form a bond with them years after giving them both up for adoption, the process of doing so has been full of drama.

Genesis, her oldest son, was so furious about Sky not being in his life for so long that their conversations nearly became violent.

And although Sky had an easier time bonding with her youngest son Des, they are now on the outs. Sky has even accused Des of stealing from her.

On a preview for the remainder of season 8, Sky and Des have another heated conversation. Sky once again accuses Des of stealing from her and Des calls her a fraud and a “dumba*s.”

Later on, Ceaser tells the gang that Sky had an incident and she’s currently suspended.

Check out the video below.

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