‘Hustle & Soul’ Canceled After Lawrence Page Drags the Producers?

Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The most recent season of “Hustle & Soul” was full of drama. And many viewers took to social media to talk about the altercation that took place between Ana, Thandi, and Cola. To refresh your memory, things got heated when Ana and Thandi had a meeting with Cola. They ended up jumping her, too.

A lot of fans were outraged by this. Some even called for the show to be canceled. However, the show may have been canceled for an entirely different reason. Well, that’s according to one of the castmembers.

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  1. Lawrence is a piece of hot sh*t. Poor business owner, shady mfr. pretends to be a player, but just a child who can’t run a business. Thinks he is more important and still claims his celebrity chef status. Guarantee this guy could heat up a lunchable properly. Poor etiquette and poor human being.

  2. Lawrence should have gotten rid of all four of those females. Nothing but trouble. He was a poor manager, nobody was professional. Everybody wanted to be the boss.

    1. && Lawrence steady tryna play someone’s daddy. He has a control issue and seems to like the feeling of “saving” a woman.

      He’s the reason he doesn’t have a Michelin star. Don’t blame it on the edit, your restaurant is a sh-t show. Including them weird looking twins.

    2. The show was script, you can see if you watch the show, LP didn’t like most of what was going, because the producers made the show how they wanted it to be, allegedly, Watch LP personal video.

  3. The show wasn’t really base on what the pink t cup was.. from what i no.. some the co- workers really never work there. The network wanted add the extra drama.. like most of these reality show…. he should wanted his reality show be based more on soul food and out respect for his self.. I still watch all episodes it did have my interest.

    1. Like Beatking, said, “I sit down and watch dumb stuff to happen…….! Like you, Joy; I watched all of the seasons and episodes. And I was thinking to myself that this dude can’t be for real. Had to be scripted, no way that all of these individuals can be that freaking stupid or ignorant. The things that people do to get recognition and some kind of income. They will lose themselves or throw themselves away to the wolves(“I’m ready for my close up Mr deville”, looking a**es). I was thinking, like this man can’t be that ignorant. Allowing his general manager both of them to assault others and even him.
      Talking all loud and crazy in front of the customers not letting the main two instigators to go, as he did to Tiffany and Jon Jon but keep pulling people back into his life to….. I don’t know; The Bible speaks of do not fall into the man’s folly.
      On IMDb I gave the show a 6.5 out of 10, for it was entertaining but…….. You have to forgive me because I like watch Beavis and Butthead. And on top of that I can’t really say much on how much to say nothing about the show cuz I don’t have much to say anything about nothing, who am I.
      Like what Dick Gregory, said about Donald Trump. “There’s two Donald Trumps” so there must be two Laurence Pages.

  4. Ana and Thandi should’ve gotten the brakes beat iff their *****…also Ana was a lot of the reason for his failure too cuz the ***** was messy…damn I wish I couldve beat the ho *** myself

  5. I love the show, he should have gotten rid of a lot of people, poor management, I wish it would come back on, drama what makes these shows I love it, Bring it.

  6. Worst ever! Really gave Black businesses a bad rap. No professionalism, bad grammar, stupidity, ghetto women, nonexistent HR professionals, strippers clapping their butt cheeks and v-ginal lips all around the food, goofy and funny looking twins who are total clowns, deception, street mentality (especially the women), etc. How could it NOT fail. No leadership, no professionalism, and no business sense. Even the best food is not enjoyable when ghetto women are fighting and clapping their body parts around the food, cursing loud, arguing constantly, and drinking and dancing on the bar. Glad it is off the air.

  7. When Ana and Thandi became cool.again after all the cheating, I knew it was scripted then. How you bring Thandi to Miami and Ana be cool about it. Staged.

  8. It would be nice to bring the show back but he need to fire that thief a** Candace who starts trouble constantly and making him lose money, he also need to stop trying to sleep with all the women there, keep his top head in the kitchen and that bottom head in his pants then maybe he will have a Michelin star, I just want to slap some sense in him! Leave those h**s alone!

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