Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 6 Episode 10 Recap & Clips
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‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ashley Wants a Divorce + Van Returns to Make Things Right

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 6 Episode 10

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Draya and Kitty clash.

Kitty and Charmaine adjust to Jessica’s departure. Meanwhile, Draya is thinking about leaving if Jessica doesn’t return. Everyone else begins to wonder what happened to Jessica. But Charmaine explains that Jessica left after Charmaine made it clear that Kitty isn’t leaving.

Plug reveals he spoke to Jessica recently and she went back to London. Charmaine is upset that Jessica left the country after a disagreement and questions why she ever hired her in the first place.

Draya and Kitty have a big blowup about Kitty working there and Draya says Kitty’s new job was given to her out of pity after she was fired from the New York shop. Kitty threatens to fire Draya and Charmaine begins to question if Kitty has what it takes to prevent losing any more artists.

Don gets caught up, again.

Ashley meets with a friend to talk about Don. She says she actually decided to leave because she was sent a Snapchat video of Don getting too cozy with another woman at a club recently. She is now thinking about divorcing him.

After having a blowup, Draya and Kitty are able to hash things out. They agree to drop the drama and move forward.

Charmaine comes in and tells them that the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about 2nd City Ink. She’s the first black woman to open a tattoo shop in Chicago. She’s also excited to do her gender reveal in front of a large crowd at an upcoming concert.

Ryan comes over Kitty’s place to tattoo her in honor of her mother. Kitty wants a mother elephant and baby elephant with some script. In a green screen interview, Kitty says Ryan possesses the traits of a man she wants to be with. And he’s very attractive.

Don and Ashley can’t work it out.

Jessica catches up with her sister and parents in London. She tells them about what happened with Charmaine and Kitty. Her dad says she should move on because it doesn’t sound like Charmaine knows what she’s doing. Her mother and sister agree.

Ashley and Don try to talk things out. She tells him about the Snapchat video. He says that was just a 15-second video of a fan doing the most. But it doesn’t warrant Ashley leaving and saying she wants a divorce. And he’s upset that she still won’t get over what happened in the last Snapchat video.

While it’s a big deal to Ashley, Don thinks she’s overreacting. And she won’t acknowledge that he’s changed. So now it’s time for them to figure out who is moving out of the house.

Ryan gives Kitty the cold shoulder.

It’s the day of the concert and Charmaine’s gender reveal. Rachel is there too and Kitty isn’t thrilled that Ryan isn’t talking to her. She suspects this is due to Rachel being around. Although this bothers Kitty, she isn’t about to beg for Ryan’s attention.

Charmaine gets on the stage and finds out she is having a girl. So she decides to name her Nola Glenda Bey.

The next day after Charmaine returns to the shop after the gender reveal, Fly Tatted says he dropped Prince off at jail after Prince decided to take a plea deal for his case. He could be locked up for two years. Charmaine is not happy to lose another artist.

Charmaine gets a phone call from her friend who urges her to read the Chicago Tribune article. In the article, it’s revealed that 2nd City Ink wasn’t registered with The Department of Public Health. So Kitty says they need to handle this immediately. Not too long after, Van walks into the shop.

Van tries to make things right.

He congratulates her on the shop and she reveals they haven’t spoken in six months because he started the rumor about them messing around in Vegas.

They go off to her office to talk. He first offers condolences about Glenda’s death. Both say nothing happened between them. He says he should have been clear to Don that it never happened but Don is the one who actually made the rumor up. He never told Don anything.

Charmaine cries and Van apologizes for everything that happened. He offers to help her get the registration for her shop but Charmaine turns down the offer. Before leaving, Van tells her to contact him if she ever needs anything.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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