‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Phor is Called out by Ex-Girlfriend Nikki Nicole

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Phor’s ex Nikki Nicole will be on the debut season of “Basketball Wives Orlando.”

Black Ink Chicago” star Phor has been a hot topic on social media due to the content he’s been sharing on the different platforms and Only Fans. Some people have been enjoying the risqué videos and photos he’s been sharing. However, some people have been very critical. And they have accused Phor of crossing the line. In response to the backlash, Phor has told people to leave him alone because he’s only being true to himself. He also said he isn’t bothering anyone. So no one should have a problem with how he’s earning a living. Well, his ex-girlfriend Nikki Nicole has people talking even more thanks to comments she made on Instagram Live recently.

Nikki will appear on “Basketball Wives Orlando.” Some of her followers questioned why she’s on the show when she’s never been married to an NBA player, a common criticism the women of the “Basketball Wives” franchise receive often.

In response to the question, Nikki had some not-so-nice things to say about Phor and the demise of their romance.

She said, “First off *****, I don’t have to be married to be on a show called ‘Basketball Wives.’ I am wife ************* material. Get into it. Second off, I dated a basketball player. Not one, not two, but a couple of them. Don’t play with me. And that’s another thing, too. Since my ex was a ******* ****** on ************* national television, I decided to be private with my other relationships. So if my feelings get hurt, I’m not finna have to go through this **** again publicly. That **** hurts.”

Nikki Nicole discussed Phor’s battle with mental health.

When she received some pushback for using a slur, she responded, “Gay? I mean he is a ******. He likes men. He likes men, he likes it in his ***…he likes it in his ***.”

She then went on to say she doesn’t have a problem with Phor’s preferences, but the situation rubbed her the wrong way.

“He’s gay. I mean, I don’t have a problem with that. But he likes ****, he don’t like women. And I’m 5’11 so it made me feel some type of way.”

Phor battled with thoughts of suicide on the show. This was brought up by Nikki’s followers. On the topic, she said, “He was suicidal because I told his ******* secret that he like ****. And now four years later, now he wants to tell the world that he likes it in the *** and he likes to get ****** with the red boots in the air.”

You can check out the video here.


  1. Wait a minute Phor likes men I can’t tell he has a son. Nikki you have to be surrounded by a basketball player in order to add value to the show. No relevance got to go sorry not sorry

  2. This was nasty and unnecessary. But then I remember watching Phor treat his child’s mother like trash and get in her face screaming aggressively. I also remember how much empathy he didn’t have for Charmaine and Kitty even though they supported him through his mental health challenges. So I’ll pass on being outraged on his behalf. On another note, Nikki is probably going to get fired for using the f word as she should.

    1. She’s not getting fired ..the show is no longer on and Ryan closed down that shop a few months ago

  3. Is she saying he cheated on her with a man/men? If so, I understand the anger. But they broke up years ago and being cheated on isn’t an excuse to be homophobic. Nikki didn’t portray herself the best way on Black Ink. Something tells me she’s going to be worse on Basketball Wives Orlando.

    1. My question is…..Nikki if u are gonna be apart of the Basketball Wives Franchise then why are u bringing up Phor who’s nowhere near being apart of the show!!! He’s not even on television at this moment,but yet he’s being called a F-word in your interview….And with u dated / dating multiple basketball players…. don’t u think u need to be more focused on that situation Hunni?!?!….I’m just saying…. Hunni….move on from whatever u and Phor had and do what u are currently doing and MOVE ON !!!!

  4. Its awful bringing up something he told you in private and it doesn’t matter that it’s 4 years later.I think she is upset that Phor ended it first, no respect for her.

  5. She definitely sounds bitter and mad cause I don’t see him bringing him her or his past relationships. I’m sure she told him things in private too but he’s not bashing her for it. She was with Phor for quite awhile and literally trying to fight everybody over that n*gga so he had to do something right! She sounds bitter like she might still have feelings. She is too pretty to be that damn aggressive all the time. Smh

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