LHHNY Recap: Kimbella and Yandy Nearly Come to Blows + Rich Dollaz Confronts Cisco
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LHHNY Recap: Kimbella and Yandy Nearly Come to Blows + Rich Dollaz Confronts Cisco

LHHNY Season 10 Episode 10 Recap

Photo Credit: VH1

Jonathan wants to help his nephew.

Jonathan’s nephew Derek was born with Arthrogryposis. It’s a condition in which a person’s joints are bound together. So he’s unable to walk. Although it’s hard for Jonathan to process it, Derek remains positive about life.

Doctors always suggest that Jonathan’s legs are amputated. But a doctor in Spain offered to operate on him for $160,000. But Jonathan doesn’t have the money and he says it’s because he chose to spend it all on drugs and partying. As he explains this to Cyn and Yandy, he breaks down in tears.

Mama Jones is in the dark.

Jim’s mother Mama Jones has been busy with her new show, “Cheers to Harlem.” So Jim supports her by appearing on her show. Two years ago, Mama Jones’ house burned down and she lost everything. But her new house is currently being built so Jim is happy that things are getting back on track.

But Mama Jones has no idea that Chrissy is actually in charge of the interior decorating of her new home. Chrissy was doing interior decorating before she met Jim. At some point, Jim will have to tell his mother the truth. He’s not looking forward to it.

Olivia and Yandy discuss their fallouts with Rich and Kimbella.

Yandy and Olivia catch up. They haven’t hung out in a long time but they text often. Olivia reveals that she’s currently engaged. And she met her fiancé Shad two years ago. Shad wants no part of being on television but they are in a great place.

The two women discuss Kimbella. Yandy says that they don’t speak anymore. Olivia is shocked about this. Yandy feels like Kimbella and Chrissy are now friends at her expense. And she wasn’t being shady when she read the article about the foreclosure.

In a green screen interview, Olivia says it doesn’t make sense that Kimbella forgave Chrissy but she’s not on good terms with Yandy.

They then discuss Rich. And Olivia says Rich stole money from her. Yandy finds this hard to believe and Olivia says she’s been trying to reach out to Rich about this for years. But he’s been ignoring her.

Chrissy and Kimbella confront Jonathan.

Jonathan talks to Chrissy and Kimbella. Yandy came up with the idea to have a Jumpathon to raise money for his nephew Derek. Before they can get to this, Jonathan apologizes to Kimbella for their friction at his fragrance launch party. Chrissy says that Jonathan wasn’t pleasant towards Kimbella at his event. Both Chrissy and Kimbella are convinced Yandy was being shady about the foreclosure.

But Jonathan still wants both the women to come out to the Jumpathon. Chrissy and Kimbella aren’t sure if they want to go but Chrissy will give money if she decides not to.

Rich tells his mother Jewel about the accusations Olivia made. In Rich’s opinion, Olivia made money from her music through her performances. He feels that’s fair enough. And Jewel says that Olivia actually owes Rich money because they spent thousands on her career. They also bring up the fact that Olivia started working with Cisco behind Rich’s back. So it’s possible that Cisco stole Olivia’s money but told Olivia that Rich is the culprit.

Jonathan gets some good news.

It’s the day of the Jumpathon. Jonathan tells Yandy and Cyn that Kimbella and Chrissy may be showing up. Not too long after, Somaya Reece pulls up. In a green screen interview, Somaya says she started a multimillion-dollar Slim Tea company. She’s happy that she was able to beat the odds and become so successful.

When she sees Jonathan, she embraces Jonathan tenderly. And Yandy is happy to see her as well.

Jen arrives too after taking a break from her drama with PHresher.

Kimbella shows up a little later. So Jonathan begins to think that just maybe Yandy and Kimbella can hash things out eventually. But Yandy decides not to speak to Kimbella.

The mayor and councilman donate $5000. Thankfully, they were able to raise over $97,000. Jonathan is so thankful.

Jim has to make a decision.

Chrissy decided to skip the Jumpathon to avoid another blowup with Yandy. She talks to Jim about the work she’s been doing on Mama Jones’ new house. Chrissy tells Jim he can tell his mother that she did all the interior decorating. It’s his choice to make. At the present time, Chrissy and Mama Jones don’t have much of a relationship. Chrissy felt the need to cut ties after it became clear that Jim’s mother wouldn’t ever support their relationship.

Cisco and Rich talk.

Peter Gunz serves as a mediator for Cisco and Rich’s meeting.

Cisco denies telling Olivia that Rich stole money from her. But Rich doesn’t believe this and calls Cisco out for being so spiteful. He thinks it was messed up that Cisco went behind his back to work with Olivia.

Cisco admits he should have talked to Rich first before working with Olivia. But he adamantly denies telling Olivia that he told her Rich stole money from her. So at this point, Rich has to figure out who told Olivia he stole her money.

Yandy and Kimbella nearly come to blows.

Jonathan has a slumber party to celebrate the success of the Jumpathon. Kimbella reveals that she was offended by what Yandy said about the foreclosure because she has been through that too. She also hated how Yandy was so critical of how Chrissy assaulted her years ago. It was insensitive. Kimbella also says that Yandy didn’t really try to stop the fight.

Somaya says that Yandy did try to stop it. Regardless, Kimbella says that she would have jumped in the fight if it was Yandy.

Kimbella calls Yandy fake and Yandy says Kimbella deserved to get beat up by Chrissy years ago. Kimbella then throws a drink at Yandy. Cyn calls Kimbella out for throwing the drink and Yandy snaps, having to be restrained by security.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. Troy

    February 10, 2020 at 11:38 pm

    How TF are you BIG MAD at the chick who actually stood up for you and defended you, but you ain’t mad at the chick who dragged, kicked, punched and stomped you out? AND you cool with her??? HUH????!!!! That b-tch ain’t have that same energy with Chrissy!! But you want smoke w/Yandy? That thot is thirsty AF for that VH1 check. F-ckin doin the MOST!!!


      February 13, 2020 at 1:32 pm

      yeah she is thristy for a check and attention. Chrissy whipped that a-s and she’s mad at Yandy, for what? She did try to stop the fight, Kimbella wanted Yandy to jump in and fight for her tired a-s. She’s a good a-s kisser, she’s afraid of chrissy the big bully and she’s taking it out on Yandy,be a woman kimbella

  2. Anonymous

    February 11, 2020 at 12:34 am

    😄yandy told the truth Kimbella got dragged by Chrissy the mole & now Kim kissing her a-s, yandy should smack fire outta Kim the next time she talk s**t to her

  3. Shanese Queen

    February 11, 2020 at 2:53 am

    I use to love Yandy but i come to learn she always in something dhe is not a friend to nobody fr she is terrible like Rashedah said always acting like she dont know whats going on she is a real b-tch and very immature Mendece need to really need to leave her i really dont like her

    • kim

      February 11, 2020 at 2:32 pm

      you are way too involved and invested to the point that you want her family to break up? LOL LOL LOL!!!! First off what did she do you? and what did she do to Mendeecee? why should he leave her? this comment made me buss out LOL

  4. Pett

    February 11, 2020 at 5:11 am

    You can actually see yandy was trying to get to them when they were fighting. Mona needs to stop this mess. Bringing up old stuff from so many yrs ago.

    Can someone please explain to me how mendeces got 5 yrs for weed and juelz got 2 yrs(i think) for gun possession in an airport

    • Amea

      February 11, 2020 at 10:52 pm

      Mendecee charge fess more than that , he has an previous recorded. Supposedly was a big time drug dealer there’s a difference hon.

  5. Tiffani Young

    February 11, 2020 at 11:01 am

    When you provoke a person, what do you think is going to happen…Yandy sat still and quiet like she was going to let Kim punk her and you saw what happened.

  6. Anonymous

    February 11, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    Stop inviting kimbella 2 anything it always trouble wherever she goes.

    • pett

      February 11, 2020 at 2:49 pm


  7. Veronica

    February 11, 2020 at 4:09 pm

    Wow!!! Yandy stop it!!!! You so fake, just like Kim said. Just cause she got her a-s whooped don’t mean sh-t, they squashed it. That’s what real b-tches do. As for Yandy, you didn’t help her, all you did was yell stop and stood in the back.😂 and now you keep bringing up the fight trying to humiliate Kim….but wait till it happens to you!! Real b-tches see right through ur fake, phony , lying , wanna be a-s

    • Rahida Alexander

      February 11, 2020 at 6:01 pm

      YANDY, You are on a different path in life. Kimbelle has so much hurt and anger. Keep moving forward and don’t look back. You have more to loss then her.

    • Queen

      February 15, 2020 at 12:11 am

      Yandy a fake a-s B-TCH, she get into it with someone every season and ain’t gonna bust a grape in Welch’s back yard🙄🤣!

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