LHHMIA Recap: Amara Has Tension with Shay + Hood Brat Learns Kenny’s Secret

LHHMIA Season 3 Episode 10
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Kamillion and Sukihana get real.

Sukihana, Kamillion, and Miami Tip go to a radio station to promote the BAPS Tour and their music. As they do the interview, Sukihana talks about having to work harder to be successful as a dark-skinned woman. She feels like lighter-skinned and Latinas have doors open up to them much easier in the music business.

Kamillion deals with her own struggles too. She doesn’t think she has the “commercial” look. So they have to work harder unfortunately.

She also reveals that her great grandmother was the first and last woman electrocuted in Georgia. She killed a white man who was coming to kidnap her. They tussled and the gun went off, killing him. She was killed and pardoned after.

This motivates Kamillion and gives her strength.

Sukihana says she doesn’t want to make lighter-skinned women feel bad. She just wants to be open about her journey. And she will always be pro-women.

Amara misses Emjay.

As Amara is working on her music, her mother complains about Amara’s new dog pooping and peeing everywhere. Amara is still upset about her breakup with Emjay. But Mami Ana feels like Amara knew the breakup was coming deep down inside.

Regardless, Amara didn’t want it to end that way. Mami Ana says Amara made the best decision.

However, Amara misses him.

Trick goes off.

Joy heads over to Trick’s place as the Bahamas trip draws near. She hasn’t heard from him and she wants to make sure he’s still going with her, Trina, and Bobby.

When Joy steps inside Trick’s place, he goes off on the producers. He refuses to film because they showed his mugshot on the show. So he’s quitting.

Joy goes to Trina’s house and tells her and Bobby what just went down with Trick. She confirms Trick is not going to the Bahamas. Trina gets it and says producers were wrong to show his mugshot. But Bobby says Trick can’t keep running from his issues.

A breakup is near.

Hood Brat is having some relationship concerns. She found out her boyfriend is actually married.

Shay and Amara clash.

Amara, Jojo, and Shay have a  spa date. There’s some tension between Shay and Amara. Regardless, Amara breaks down the conversation she had with PreMadonna and Annie. She also confirms she broke up with Emjay.

Shay says she heard what happened from Emjay. She asks how Amara allowed what Annie said to get in her head. This is odd to her because Annie dated Emjay ten years ago. To her, it’s not appropriate for Annie to have said what she did. It’s not her place.

As for Amara, she’s tired of people telling her what to do with her life. She just wanted consistency from Emjay.

In a green screen interview, Shay says it just seems as if Amara was just looking for a way out.

Shay then says that Emjay put his career on the back burner to support her career. Amara says he should have focused on himself.

An argument ensues between the two women and Amara tells Shay she needs a break from her too. So Shay storms off.

Emjay and Amara talk.

Minutes later, Emjay pops up with flowers. Jojo leaves so they can talk privately. He breaks down in tears and says he wants to fight for her.

Amara holds his hand and says she still needs time to get her head together. Emjay says he’s willing to give her the time she needs. So they hug it out.

Emotions are high in Miami.

In the Bahamas, Joy tells Bobby that she brought Trina’s mom’s ashes so that she could bring her back home. Both are also hurting about her sudden passing. Bobby breaks down in tears.

Trina, Bobby, and Joy have dinner with family. They all talk about their favorite memories of Trina’s mother. It’s the anniversary of the death of her stepfather, Uncle Willy. He raised her until he was robbed and killed.

Kenny strikes out.

Hood Brat confronts her boyfriend Kenny. She tells him she saw his text messages from his baby momma and discovered he is actually married. Kenny says he didn’t think it was something he needed to tell her. But Hood Brat is annoyed because he’s been living with her and apparently his wife as well.

Kenny downplays this and says they aren’t working on their marriage. But Hood Brat doesn’t believe him so she walks outside. Kenny comes outside to try to talk to her. He says that being married isn’t that big of a deal. This doesn’t help things. So Hood Brat ends the relationship.

While Joy, Trick, and Bobby are having breakfast, Trick shows up.

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