‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Cynthia Bailey Accuses Kenya Moore of Hypocrisy

Photo Credit: Bravo

Kenya Moore doesn’t think she’s hypocritical at all when it comes to her drama with Tanya Sam. When a producer expressed that it does seem like she went after Marlo’s new wig line by showing up to the launch with a marching band, Kenya said the situations are different. And she feels as if Marlo and Tanya came for her first. So they deserved what they got.

Interestingly enough, Cynthia Bailey had something to say about it all during the After Show. And she said she was originally understanding of Kenya’s revenge on Tanya because she understood Kenya wanted to fight for her business. But then Kenya turned around and took shots at Cynthia’s wine expertise in Greece. So she felt like Kenya was being hypocritical since Kenya’s jabs at her wine expertise weren’t a good look for Cynthia’s wine cellar.

So Cynthia told Kenya how she felt about it. And she explained that Kenya did the same thing she accused Tanya of.

Kenya apologized, so Cynthia has forgiven her because she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship over it.

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