Bobby Lytes Says Nikki Natural Should Apologize to Trina + Nikki Exposes the LHHMIA Cast

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Bobby Lytes and Sukihana had a lot to say about Nikki Natural while they recapped the reunion. On “The Morning After Spill,” both faulted Nikki for her problems with Trina. Sukihana said that Nikki came on the show acting like she’s better than everyone. And she should have paid Trina homage and asked her to get in the recording studio.

Bobby said that Nikki just needs to apologize to Trina because Miami is her city.

Nikki had some things to say about Trina and the rest of the cast during her interview with Funky Dineva. And she said that a lot of stuff happened behind the scenes that people don’t know.

When she was asked about what happened at Trina’s tour auditions, Nikki said the issue was she was the only artist asked to perform three times. And her friends took issue with this and told Nikki she was being treated unfairly by Trina and Joy because none of the other artists had to do three different songs and performances. Producers put all three of her performances together into one performance on the show, which she thought was horrible. And while she was filming the scene, she figured Trina and Joy were doing the most for TV drama. So she decided to play along and snatched the mic from Trina. But everyone was still cool after the scene.

Things went left between her and Trina when it was time to film the boot camp scene. Prior to filming, she posted a photo of Trick Daddy as Florida Evans on her Instagram account. Trick got mad and called her. He demanded she took it down. She didn’t and he told her that he had something for her. When she got to Trina’s boot camp, Sukihana and Hood Brat tried to jump her. And Trina, Trick Daddy, and Joy were there watching the whole thing go down inside the building. So she began to suspect Trick set her up and just maybe Trina had something to do with it too. So when Trina asked her what happened like she didn’t see it, she went off. And she ended up calling Trina a b*tch.

Despite this, Nikki said that she apologized to Trina after this away from the cameras. They both agreed to meet up later and talk, too. But when Nikki got to the reunion, Trina went off on her. She was blindsided by this because they actually made up before the reunion. And she couldn’t believe Trina talked about her kids. Since the episode aired, her kids have been getting picked on and called dirty by other kids. So what Trina did wasn’t cool.

When it comes to Hood Brat, Nikki says they didn’t fall out because of social media beef. They fell out because one of Hood Brat’s friends wanted to get on the show, so she pulled up to set to try to fight Nikki. Nikki was upset that Hood Brat didn’t give her a heads up when they were supposed to be cool. And she was hanging out with Sukihana and Hood Brat before the show. They were all cool and even have the same hair stylist. They all said they would stay cool despite the show, but both turned on Nikki.

Nikki said that she didn’t mean to steal Sukihana’s phone. She has multiple phones and she mistakenly picked up Suki’s phone that night. When she got home, she realized she had someone else’s phone. She called production and thought it could be Shay Johnson’s phone. But producers told her it was Sukihana’s phone, and they told Nikki to hold on to the phone so they could create some drama from it. They then had Nikki and Shay film a scene and asked Nikki to act like she stole the phone on purpose. Producers didn’t tell Sukihana this, so Suki was heated. Nikki called her and told her what happened, but Suki still wouldn’t let it go.

So when Suki came to the boot camp and took off her shoes, Nikki got on the defense. She figured Suki would try to fight her.

At this point, Nikki realizes that she didn’t understand the politics of reality television. And she feels like she’s been made out to be the villain.

Check out the interview below.

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