LHHATL Star Bambi Says Scrappy Won’t Talk to Momma Dee After Obituary Drama

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When it comes to Momma Dee, she’s never been afraid to be a controversial figure on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” In fact, she’s had her fair share of feuds. But her biggest one to date would be the ongoing one she has with Bambi’s mom Cece.

Momma Dee accused Cece of putting her hands on her.

So she got an obituary made to demonstrate that Cece is dead to her. Now this didn’t sit well with Bambi and Scrappy, especially since Cece just beat cancer.

However, Momma Dee is refusing to apologize for her actions. So it’s probably not a surprise that Scrappy isn’t speaking to her.

On the upcoming episode, Bambi says that since the dinner and obituary situation, Scrappy refuses to communicate with his mother.

She says, “I’m still shocked by how poorly the family dinner went. Scrapp is completely ignoring his mom. No calls. No text messages. And I’m really stressed about it.”

She opens up about this to Rasheeda and the others as they prepare for a ski trip. Check out the video below.

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