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Former RHOA Husband Peter Thomas Says Kenya Moore Faked Relationships for the Show

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

When it comes to Kenya Moore, she has a lot of supporters. And while she’s loved by many “Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers, she also has her fair share of critics, too.

However, Peter Thomas is a fan. And he thinks Kenya is brilliant.

Peter made a recent appearance on Michelle “ATLien” Brown’s YouTube Channel. While discussing Kenya with Michelle and a caller, Peter stated that people need to give Kenya her props due to how Kenya was able to become so successful on the show.

He said, “We can talk sh*t about all these girls all we want. Okay, we don’t have to like them. It’s not all of them that come on the show that’s stupid. Kenya to me is brilliant. I said it from day one, okay, because she didn’t have a man. She was renting n*ggas to be on the motherf*cking show…she did what she can to keep that d*mn thing going.”

Peter added, “With that being said, she did that sh*t on her own. She didn’t use somebody else’s purse to do it. She did that sh*t on her own. That’s why I’ll always respect her.”

Peter praised Kenya for buying her house and he said that the house is now worth $4 million dollars. And that is proof of Kenya’s financial intelligence.

When a caller compared Kenya to Kandi and said both women came on the show with money, Peter strongly disagreed.

He said, “Kenya never had paper. Never. What was she doing to make steady money? She wasn’t doing nothing to make no steady money. The only two girls that had steady money before they got on this show is Kandi and Cynthia. Okay? Kenya never had no paper like that. This show was a come up for her. She recognized that and what she did was, ‘Well, f*ck it. If somebody’s going to take the L and then somebody’s gonna be hated, okay. If that’s what I’m gonna have to do to be on this motherf*cker and keep the money coming through, that’s what I’m going to do.’ And that’s what she did.”

Peter had praise for the other ladies who have also managed to remain on the show for multiple seasons. He said, “These girls went from $6,000 an episode, not having no bank and now worth 3, 4, 5, 6 million dollars. You gotta give it up to them. This is a business platform.”

Check out the video below.

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