‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Fan Says Ryan is All Over the Place with Women + He Responds

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Ryan is no stranger to speaking his mind on social media. And he’s definitely not against clapping back at his critics, too.

Although he’s reportedly not in the best place with his ex and baby momma Rachel, he’s in a much better place with Kat these days.

He’s also been the target of gossip blogs due to leaving comments on Draya and Alexis Skyy’s Instagram posts. He was real flirty with Alexis, too.

Then there’s his rumored relationship with Miss Kitty. This resulted in tension with Ceaser.

However, Ryan isn’t for any criticism.

After a fan of the show told Ryan that he’s all over the place with women and he needs to leave Kat, Kitty, and other women alone, Ryan responded.

He made it clear that he will do what he pleases.

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