LHHH Star Moniece Slaughter Accuses Fizz of Assaulting Her in Front of Their Son

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Fizz’s co-parenting relationship with Moniece Slaughter has been well documented on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” Moniece has said that they don’t really get along unless Fizz is single.

And Fizz’s ex Tiffany Campbell claimed that their relationship was just for television. And part of the plan was for her to beef with Moniece for a storyline.

Moniece also claimed that she was good with Apryl Jones until she got serious with Fizz as well.

It was recently rumored that Fizz and Apryl broke up, then it was said they faked the breakup to help Apryl battle Omarion in court. Regardless, Moniece is in a better place with Fizz currently.

However, she did vent on Instagram about him recently.

She’s puzzled as to why her relationship with Fizz has been so contentious. Moniece expressed that she’s never really done anything to him and never kept him from seeing their son.

She said, “I have never kept your son from you. Even when you put your hands on me in front of him at a basketball game. Even when you got in my face knowing that I was by myself at his basketball game. The boy was two and a half. Taunting me. Talking bout…This n*gga put his hands on me in front of everybody at a basketball game. And my bio dad called him and said, ‘Yo, n*ggas disappear every day. And nobody gives a f*ck. Don’t be one of them.’”

Moniece added, “Y’all think I’m in love with this man and want to be with him, y’all have no f*cking idea. He’s the bitter baby momma. Not me.”

Check out the video below.

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