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Tammy Rivera Responds to Criticism over Her Recent Comments About Colorism

Photo Credit: We tv/YouTube

Right now, the country has been forced to talk a lot about racism. This is due to the fact that Police Brutality continues to be at the forefront of what’s happening in America. And with George Floyd’s death, supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have had just about enough.

However, some have complained that black people should be just as passionate about ending colorism.

Tammy Rivera agrees with this, however, her recent video about the topic bothered some of her followers.

In the video, Tammy said, “But I think instead of us bickering about it as grown women and making it worse by saying, ‘Oh, you light skin b*tches have been bullying us,’ or, ‘You dark skin b*tches have been bullying us,’ how about you teach your children different so that this cycle can stop? This can be over with. We can stop this ourselves.”

Tammy added, “This is the whole agenda of what they were trying to do in the beginning when they created the paper bag rule to have us go against each other. And hate each other when we all got the same d*mn struggle. Can’t nobody tell me that because I’m light my struggle ain’t as hard as yours. That’s a got d*mn lie.”

She reiterated this point again near the end of the video and said, “So you can’t judge someone by the color of their skin to say we don’t have the same struggle when we all standing in the same got d*mn field together.”

Check out the video below.


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While some agreed with Tammy’s comments, others accused her of invalidating the experiences of dark-skinned women. When one of Tammy’s followers said that she can’t speak for dark-skinned women or compare their struggles to hers, Tammy responded.


When another follower said that Tammy made some good points but that doesn’t mean it can’t be acknowledged that sometimes it’s harder the darker you are, Tammy replied to this as well.

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