Tammy Rivera’s Family is Upset Waka Flocka Unfollowed Them on Social Media Amid Breakup

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Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka’s split has been thoroughly discussed on social media.

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera have been very open about their marriage on “What The Flocka.” One of their biggest obstacles was being able to move forward from Waka’s infidelities. In the past, Tammy has walked away from the marriage. And she called for a separation because she was tired of Waka being unfaithful. However, they decided to get back together. Tammy was hoping that therapy could help them get to the bottom of things. At times, it didn’t seem like Waka truly understood how much pain he caused Tammy. He also said that Tammy going through the public humiliation of taking him back made her a better person. Of course, Tammy felt this was a disrespectful opinion to have and share on television.

Well, Tammy and Waka have separated, again. And this time they want to actually divorce. This was a hot topic on the season premiere of “What the Flocka.” While Waka and Tammy seem to be handling the breakup positively, their loved ones aren’t handling the change well. In fact, Tammy’s family discussed this in one scene in particular. Apparently, the breakup led to Waka unfollowing Tammy’s family on social media. And this truly is bothering them.

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  1. Aww I get why they are hurt. But I understand that Waka has a right to unfollow and close that chapter. Some people stay friends and close after a divorce, others don’t. And that’s fine too.

  2. Smdh… I have had disdain for this show from the beginning… Alot of this mess is being edited to make Waka/Tammy look a certain way! In my opinion… Waka is not obligated to her ppl nor does he have any obligation to keep bein represented as the bad guy.. All that we good we cool no issues we left amicably is bs fr… Lose this show n get that lil “grown up” some real therapy n the real attention she seekin from multiple adults in/out of her life.. Y subject ur child to the foolishness of reality tv/social media uggghhh

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