‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Addresses Her Fallout with Dr. Simone Whitmore

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Buffie Purselle had a very explosive first season on “Married to Medicine.” Although she originally seemed to get along fine with the whole cast, things went left between her and Dr. Jackie Walters. While Jackie was giving a speech about not being able to have kids as a cancer survivor, she said that Buffie can relate because she’s infertile. Buffie has been open about her struggles to become a mother. However, she didn’t appreciate Jackie bringing this up in a room full of strangers.

So she eventually confronted Jackie for the comments made during her speech. Jackie was taken aback, and then she eventually became angry. She couldn’t believe that Buffie would feel she intended to hurt her in any way.

After a few apologies, Jackie and Buffie were able to bury the hatchet at the reunion.

Interestingly enough, it was Dr. Simone Whitmore who pressed Jackie about her comments about Buffie. When Jackie couldn’t understand why Buffie was so offended, Simone attempted to make her see Buffie’s side. And she urged Jackie to apologize a third time.

So it seemed as if Simone and Buffie had a solid friendship to most of the fans of the show. However, Simone confused a lot of people when she said that Buffie no longer answers her text messages. And she doesn’t know why.

This was said after it was reported that Buffie was not asked back for the upcoming season.

Well, Buffie recently addressed her fallout with Simone.

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