‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Addresses Her Fallout with Dr. Simone Whitmore

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Jackie and Simone clashed over Buffie.

Dr. Jackie Walters didn’t exactly enjoy the recent season of “Married to Medicine.” In fact, she received a lot of backlash from fans of the show. Many were offended by the fact that she told a room full of strangers that Buffie is infertile while she gave a speech at an event.

The situation didn’t just make things tense between Jackie and Buffie though. But it also became an issue for Jackie and Dr. Simone Whitmore.

When Jackie couldn’t understand what she did wrong, it was Simone who broke it down for her. Simone also urged Jackie to apologize to Buffie a third time.

Jackie felt like Simone didn’t have her back in the situation. But Simone believed that it was important to call Jackie out for her actions. The two friends would later have more issues over Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ friendship with Jackie.

Buffie addresses her friendship with Simone.

Interestingly enough, Simone revealed that Buffie hasn’t been answering her text messages. Simone made this revelation after it had been reported that Buffie was not given a contract for the upcoming season.

Well, Buffie had some things to say about Simone recently. While talking to fans, Simone was brought up. And Buffie was asked if they are still friends. Buffie said, “I don’t think we ever really were but that’s ok. I actually loved her and her family and wish them the best.”

Another fan said that they believe Simone used Buffie for her own agenda. They also said that Simone got the women on the show to exclude Mariah. And Buffie said, “And I ain’t mad at her. That’s her journey. She did her job, well.”

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