‘Married to Medicine’ Star Buffie Purselle Addresses Firing Rumors + Causes Speculation

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Buffie addresses the rumors.

Fans of “Married to Medicine” have had a lot to say about the rumors about the upcoming season of the show. And conversations only increased after Mariah Huq revealed that she didn’t receive her contract for season 8. She also had a lot of complaints about how things were going behind the scenes.

However, Mariah wasn’t the only one who reportedly wasn’t offered a contract. It was also rumored that Buffie didn’t get a contract as well. Some people began to speculate that Dr. Jackie Walters may have had something to do with this.

Interestingly enough, Buffie addressed the rumor. And she tells Urban Belle EXCLUSIVELY that she wanted out. Buffie says, “If I’m fired please ask them to let my lawyers know that because we told them that I didn’t want to come back in December after the reunion and they have yet to release me.”

Buffie’s final words about Simone.

She also had a few more words about Dr. Simone Whitmore. As we reported, Simone recently said that Buffie no longer answers her text messages.

On what many perceived to be a fallout with Simone, Buffie says, “And ain’t nobody worried about Simone. She did her job well and I wish her the best.”

As Buffie has moved on from the show, she now has fans speculating that she may be pregnant.

She posted a photo of her mother with a hand on Buffie’s belly and then penned the following caption:


This additional comment added to the speculation as well:

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