‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Angela Simmons Has a Boo?

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Bow Wow loves the single life.

When it comes to Angela Simmons’ love life, most “Growing Up Hip Hop” fans seem to think she should give Bow Wow another chance. This comes up so much on social media that Bow Wow has discussed it quite a bit recently. And while he’s very close to Angela and considers her a best friend, he doesn’t think commitment is for him right now.

He really wants to focus on his career and being a good dad. Bow Wow also isn’t over what went down with Kiyomi Leslie. The experience has him fearful to ever be in a serious relationship again. And he said that the situation was very hurtful.

So he’s been enjoying being single and also hanging out with all the women he pleases.

Angela may have a boo?

Angela has also been a little hesitant to date again. This is due to the fact that her former fiancé Sutton Tennyson was shot and killed.

She wanted to get adjusted to raising her son without his father. So dating hasn’t really been a priority for her. But some are wondering if she recently changed her mind on this.

After posting a new photo, Angela penned an interesting comment. She said, “He gets me.”

Of course, this got her followers speculating about who Angela is referring to. She never made the revelation but it didn’t stop some people from bringing up Bow Wow. Regardless of who Angela was referring to, it does appear as if Angela is in a happy place.

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