‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Jazmin Johnson Defends Not Having Her Husband on the Show

Photo Credit: Bravo

“Married to Medicine” star Jazmin Johnson knows how to strike a chord with her cast members and viewers of the show. This is due to the fact that Jazmin is unapologetically herself at all times. And she will always speak up for herself when need be. These are some of the reasons why she’s clashed with the other women on the show. So fans are very opinionated about her actions.

It’s possible that this is the main reason why Jazmin’s husband Dr. Gadson Johnson wants nothing to do with the show. Despite not being on the show, he’s still managed to become a hot topic. On season one, Dr. Imani Walker said that the Johnson house looked like a drug dealer house. And Imani wasn’t sure how Gadson could afford their lifestyle on a psychiatrist’s salary.

These comments did not sit well with Jazmin. And she called Imani out because she believed those kinds of comments are inappropriate to make about a black doctor, especially on a television show.

Imani has since apologized and she appears to be in a much better place with Jazmin these days despite them clashing on YouTube months ago. However, a lot of viewers still criticize Jazmin for her husband not being on the show. And to them, it makes no sense.

Interestingly enough, it looks as if Jazmin may have responded to the criticism. And she’s completely over people thinking she’s obligated to share all details of her personal life.

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