The Ladies of ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Confront Jazmin Johnson About Her Husband’s Absence

Photo Credit: Bravo

“Married to Medicine LA” star Jazmin Johnson is one of the most discussed cast members on social media. A lot of people have opinions about Jazmin’s dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Kendra Segura asked Jazmin to help her lose weight, and this resulted in Jazmin taking cornbread off Kendra’s plate during Shanique Drummond’s birthday dinner.

She was called out for it by the rest of the cast, but Jazmin stood firm on her actions.

While some fans of the show understood why Jazmin did what she did, others felt like Jazmin crossed the line. So they came for her hard on social media.

So Jazmin took to social media to respond to the backlash. She also responded to people who have been calling out the fact that Jazmin’s husband Dr. Gadson Johnson is not on the show. Jazmin said that she doesn’t have to share any detail of her life that she doesn’t want to. So people should respect that and move on from asking.

She probably feels the same way about the other women on the show who have the same questions.

On the upcoming episode, the ladies ask Jazmin why her husband is never around. Dr. Imani Walker and Dr. Britten Cole feel like it’s messed up that everyone shares so much with Jazmin, but her husband continues to be a mystery.

While Jazmin wasn’t comfortable talking about her husband’s absence, she did open up about how she really feels about his decision to not film.

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