‘Married to Medicine LA’ Star Dr. Imani Walker Gets Petty as Jazmin Johnson’s Hubby Remains Ghost

Photo Credit: Bravo

“Married to Medicine LA” star Jazmin Johnson has been getting some backlash for her onscreen actions. She’s very passionate about healthy living. So it originally seemed like a good idea for her to help Dr. Kendra Segura lose weight. Kendra is a new mom and she wanted to get back to a size she’s happy with.

However, it didn’t take long for things to go left. And Kendra was over it after Jazmin removed cornbread from Kendra’s plate during Shanique Drummond’s birthday shindig.

While Kendra felt Jazmin went too far, Jazmin felt like Kendra didn’t take her weight loss journey seriously enough.

So Kendra fired Jazmin and Jazmin happily agreed with this decision.

Interestingly enough, Jazmin has been getting a lot of backlash because of her husband as well. Dr. Gadson Johnson has not made an appearance on the show despite it being the show’s second season. When Jazmin was asked about this, she said that her husband doesn’t want to film. He has a strict work routine that works for him, so he just doesn’t have time to be on a reality show.

Imani still thinks it’s a bit unfair that all the other women have opened up about their marriages but Jazmin’s husband never comes around. While she’s not going to press the issue, Imani did recently throw a light jab amid the most recent episode.

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