‘Basketball Wives’ Fans Slam Kristen Scott After Byron Scott & Cece Gutierrez Marry

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Byron and Cece are married.

Weeks ago, Thomas Scott and Cece Gutierrez revealed that they would be tying the knot on July 11. This comes after a lot of drama was surrounding their relationship during the latest season of “Basketball Wives.”

After things went left with Kristen Scott, Byron decided he didn’t want to invite her to the wedding.

And it looks as if Byron may have kept his word. According to the photos shared to social media of their special day, Kristen was nowhere to be found. Neither was Thomas Scott.

However, OG and her boo were there.

Fans call out Kristen on social media.

After this revelation was made, many fans of the show took to social media to rub this in Kristen’s face. One person in particular accused Kristen of ruining her relationship with the family to score points with Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal. In fact, one person had a lot to say on one of Kristen’s Instagram posts.

They wrote, “I feel bad that you was once cool with Cece and you let the collectives sway you in a downward direction. You never go against the family no matter what. Now Cece and Byron are married and you and your husband couldn’t share that family moment that you can never get back. Meanwhile, Shaunie and Evelyn are doing them enjoying their families. Was it worth it? I think not. Cece and you all are family whether you like it or not. I pray you all get it together.”

As of now, Kristen has been getting dragged since Byron and Cece released pictures.

Another wrote, “How was the wedding? Oop, you weren’t invited.”

And another follower wrote, “Did all the evilness to Cece for wicked Shaunie and local E’s approval and look at you, wasn’t invited to the wedding lmfao.”

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