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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Says Ceaser’s Associates Are Threatening & Harassing Her

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Kitty has been called out.

Miss Kitty had some things to say about the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew Chicago.” On the episode, Charmaine complained about Kitty’s actions at the shop. In one scene, Charmaine was annoyed that Kitty and the others were on TikTok dancing while they were supposed to be working.

In another scene, Charmaine said Kitty had started to show up late to the shop and she didn’t do anything about the fact that the shop had gotten messy. She also didn’t like that Kitty didn’t show up to the mixer hosted by Draya and Phor when she herself showed up very pregnant.

And Plug said Kitty shouldn’t have been hard on Star for showing up late to work when Kitty was late herself.

Kitty responds on Twitter.

Well, Kitty wasn’t happy about any of this. So she had some things to say on Twitter.

She wrote, “Oh, I see they’re about to start this lying and bullsh*t EARLY! I’m NOT having! They will NOT place this narrative on BLACK WOMEN that WE’RE incompetent! I will NOT stand for this! I am sooooooo disappointed that certain people would even play into that narrative! I KNOW THEY’RE LYING bc the day that I was “late”, was my bday & I wasn’t even supposed 2 be in the country, but they forced me to work! They knew I was coming in late because I told them, so for them 2 use this 2 try 2 push this narrative is BOGUS.”

She added, “NOPE, I THINK TF NOT! That “mixer” was a screen test that production told me I wasn’t required to come to…I actually showed up later to kick it. They decided to turn the screen test into a scene AFTER production got the footage and saw Star VS. Bella…When have you all ever seen a screen test make into a movie?! NEVER! Mixer my a*s!”

Kitty calls out the producers.

Kitty also addressed it all on Instagram. And she said that she was told that she didn’t have to show up to the mixer because it was a screen test for the new castmembers. However, they used her absence to continue a fake narrative about her slacking at her job. She also said the producers asked her and the others to dance on TikTok to make the shop seem more lively but they twisted it and said she was incompetent for doing so.

At this point, Kitty believes she is being treated this way because she doesn’t fit any stereotypes. So they are editing her to seem dysfunctional on the show.

She said, “Like oh, you’re going to paint the narrative that this black woman, seemingly educated, got her own, considered to be attractive, ‘Oh she can’t get a man or she can’t keep a man.’ I ain’t never been with none of them but it’s cool. It’s cool. But now not only that is her personal life in shambles but her professional life, now she’s incompetent. I am not going to stand for it.”

Kitty added, “You see they don’t make anyone else look like that. Just the black women.”

Kitty says she’s being threatened and harassed.

She also said that she found it odd that she’s the only main cast member in the opening credits for “Black Ink Crew” who comes from a two-parent black household.

When a fan pointed out that someone was going in on Kitty in the comments, Kitty claimed that Cease’s associates have been threatening her, “That’s probably Cease people threatening me again. Harassing me like they normally do. I’m used to it by now and that’s sad to say. That is so sad to say.”

And when it comes to Kitty’s time on the New York show, she claimed she was edited into a “love triangle” because someone wanted her off the show. She said, “Like they said, I came out too clean in New York City. I didn’t do anything. I literally got thrown into a storyline because somebody wanted me off of the show because they feelings was hurt.”

She said once again she’s being harassed by Cease’s people, “They constantly harass me. They on social media. They’ll text my phone. Sending me threats. But all I got to say is run up if you want to.”

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