LHHNY Star Yandy Smith Claps Back After Criticized for Arrest at Breonna Taylor Protest

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Love And Hip Hop New York” star Yandy Smith is not just a successful businesswoman. But she’s also a political activist. And these days, she’s been working hard to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. One thing she’s been passionate about is prison reform. And now she’s dived deeply into getting justice for Breonna Taylor.

As of now, the cops who killed Breonna Taylor have not been arrested. This is due to the fact that Attorney General Daniel Cameron doesn’t appear to have any interest in getting justice for Taylor. So people are rightfully outraged and protesting to change things.

In fact, multiple protestors showed up the Attorney General’s home to protest outside. Yandy and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams were there.

After Cameron called for protestors to start being arrested, both Porsha and Yandy were arrested with others. Reportedly, 87 people were arrested at the scene. And many of them were charged with intimidating a participant in the legal process (this is a Class D felony), second-degree disorderly conduct (this is a Class B misdemeanor), and third-degree criminal trespass.

While both Yandy and Porsha have been getting a lot of love and support for their fight for justice for Breonna Taylor, some people are criticizing all of those who chose to protest at the Attorney General’s house. In fact, some of these critics believe the protestors got what they deserved for being on private property.

Someone even came to Yandy’s Instagram page to make it clear that they do not agree with her actions. The person wrote, “When you go on private property, you are no longer a peaceful protest, you are intimidating the person who’s property you are invading, hence the charge.”

When Yandy spotted the comment, she was not having it. In response, she wrote, “His property was purchased with tax payer money so it’s public period!”

As of now, both Porsha and Yandy have been released. And both have made it clear that they will continue to fight for justice for Breonna Taylor.

You can check out Yandy’s Instagram post below.


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This is the FELONY CHARGE @danieljaycameron and Louisville Metro Department of Corrections think applies to peaceful protestors. BUT #breonnataylor MURDERERS are still free! . . . @ybncordae and @kstills has still not been release along with many others. This is unacceptable for a peaceful protest. And they have charged us with a FELONY for a peaceful protest because @danieljaycameron feels intimidated. But the murdering cops are still free. CALL ATTORNEY GENRAL @danieljaycameron AND TELL HIM #1 WE WONT BE INTIMIDATED. #2 ARREST THE COPS #3 DROP THE CHARGES AND FREE THE PROTESTORS BECAUSE We outside and we plan to stay here UNTIL FREEDOM! . . . @untilfreedom and @grassrootslaw are at the jail and have not left. And will not leave until every single protestor is free. We will also be bailing everyone out who has a bond. . . Please start blowing up their phones now Louisville Metro Department of Corrections ‭+1 (502) 574-8477‬ Tell them to free all the protestors and drop the charges #freeUsUntilTheyFreeUs #justiceforbreonnataylor @untilfreedom

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