Keyshia Cole Causes More Speculation Amid Rumors of a Breakup with Niko Khale

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Keyshia and Daniel’s marriage didn’t last.

When Keyshia Cole was on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood,” she was separated from her ex-husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson. Despite things not working out between them, they were able to co-parent just fine. Daniel was even still living with Keyshia for a little while. With no romantic feelings still there, Keyshia said she was ready to date. And the good thing is there would be no drama with Daniel as she moved forward with her love life after him.

However, they did have some drama once lawyers got involved.

After Keyshia left the show, she found love with Niko Khale. Niko is also a music artist. And while many of Keyshia’s fans felt they were a beautiful couple, others took issue with the age difference. Niko is 24 years old. Keyshia is 38 years old. So there is a 14 year age difference between them.

Oftentimes, people would call Keyshia out about this on social media. Annoyed by this, she responded on Twitter to a critic of the relationship. She wrote, “What am I doing with him? Loving him the way I would want to be loved for sure. But what he’s doing with me, is…loving me unconditionally. Paying attention to my needs and wants, and evolving based on love. Same as I do for him, y’all so caught up on his AGE. And not the LOOVE.”

Keyshia and Niko broke up?

Despite the good times including having a child together, it’s now being rumored that the couple may have broken up. Many of Keyshia’s fans began to speculate about this after they noticed that Keyshia and Niko no longer follow each other on Instagram.

The Gossip Twins also caught a post that Keyshia uploaded to her Instagram Story. In the post, she rewrote one of SZA’s tweets, “Nothing worse than THINKING ur vibing w someone and ur actually not at all ?.. Ur on ur own babe – SZA”

Check out the screenshot below.


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