Chad Johnson Still Wants ‘Basketball Wives’ Star OG?

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OG’s feud with Evelyn worsened after Chad was brought up.

Basketball Wives” star OG had a very eventful recent season. In fact, it pretty much started after she clashed with Kristen Scott. They were already on rocky terms but things worsened during an explosive argument. And OG revealed Byron Scott isn’t Thomas Scott’s biological father.

This devastated Kristen. But OG felt Kristen deserved it after she came for OG’s boo Kwame Alexander.

OG wouldn’t even back down after the rest of the cast said she crossed the line.

After her situation with Kristen, OG would go on to have some tension with Feby Torres. In fact, they nearly came to blows. Things escalated between them after Feby took shots at OG in her music.

Does Chad still want OG?

However, OG’s biggest feud on the show to date is with Evelyn Lozada. While they weren’t on the best of terms after Evelyn called OG “Toe G,” things got much worse after Chad Johnson became the focus.

In fact, Feby would go on to tell Evelyn that OG had been tweeting about Chad. And OG said that she actually had a friendship with him. Evelyn didn’t believe this and she asked Chad about it.  He would then give Evelyn “receipts” of what he claimed was proof that OG was hitting on him and he didn’t bite.

But OG would show receipts of her own. She said the messages Chad gave Evelyn were fake and his responses had been removed. She then showed Evelyn messages from Chad calling OG attractive and hitting on her. So when Evelyn came for OG’s looks, OG’s notable response was, “Ocho Cinco wanted me!”

To no surprise, this quote is very memorable to fans of the show. Interestingly enough, after one of OG’s followers repeated the line recently on Instagram, OG had an interesting response. In fact, seems as if Chad’s desire for her hasn’t waned.

After a follower wrote, “Ocho Cinco wanted her,” OG responded with, “SURE DOES!”

Months ago, Chad and OG revealed that they are still on good terms.

Check out the screenshot below.

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