‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Candiace Dillard Confirms Fallout with Karen Huger

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Candiace and Gizelle hashed it out.

Well, it looks as if Monique Samuels isn’t the only person Candiace Dillard has issues with. The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star just got on decent terms with Gizelle Bryant. Both had an honest conversation about the shade they threw at each other last season.

Gizelle confronted Candiace for shading her new house. And Candiace confronted Gizelle for telling the other women that her mother Dorothy said Candiace couldn’t afford to buy a house she really liked. Although Gizelle didn’t really feel as if Candiace owned her shade and owned being wrong about what she said, both women agreed to let it go. So they have moved forward and are on much better terms these days.

Candiace and Karen fell out.

But Candiace will reportedly clash with Karen Huger later on in the season. Rumor has it that they fall out because Karen refuses to take Candiace’s side amid her altercation with Monique. It’s been alleged that Karen wanted to stay neutral. This is due to the fact that Karen had close friendships with both women.

This allegedly doesn’t sit well with Candiace. And she reportedly wanted Karen to call out Monique for her actions. So when Karen didn’t do things the way Candiace wanted, she allegedly confronts her towards the end of the season.

Hours ago, Candiace had some things to say about Karen on Twitter. And she confirmed their fallout. She did so by responding to the fact that Karen threw light shade about Candiace having a cash bar at her anniversary party.

At the party, Karen also gave a speech encouraging Chris Bassett and Candiace on how to stay happily married. But she ended up revealing more about things being rocky with Ray Huger.

Candiace calls out Karen.

In reference to Karen, Candiace wrote, “The ebbs and flows of friendships in this group tend to get lost in the drama. I spent a lot of time behind the scenes and away from the group building a friendship w/Karen – one I thought was sincere and solid. Hence the reason I trusted her to give a word of wisdom. #RHOP”

She added, #ithoughtwrongapparently.”

Candiace also clapped back at the cash bar shade.

She wrote, “When you host multiple soirées a year for 100 of your closest friends and family with open bar (as @cbassett33 and I do) I invite you to comment on my cash bar. Until then, drink your Barefoot in your home. Quietly. #RHOP.”

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