‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Stars Erica Dixon & Scrappy Go Off After People Drag Their Daughter

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Social media has no filter at times.

When it comes to social media, many can agree it can be a rough place. Often, people are unfiltered with their opinions. This is especially true when it comes to celebrities and reality TV stars. Unfortunately, children aren’t even spared.

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Erica Dixon and Scrappy are seeing this firsthand.

Recently, their daughter Emani made a playful video making fun of Erica’s past bangs.

Check out the video below.


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While many laughed along, some people went in on Emani in the comments when it was reposted on The Shade Room.

Erica was not having it. In the comment section, she wrote, “Lol, everybody that has something negative to say about my child looks like a boogawolf! Next!”

Scrappy responds.

Scrappy had comments of his own. In a video posted to Instagram, he went all the way off. He said, “Peep game though. All y’all n*ggas getting at my little one, my firstborn about anything, I don’t care if it’s online or anything my n*gga, and I know it ain’t a motherf*cker that I can just get at head on…cause you behind a motherf*cking computer. You behind a phone, you on some real weird sh*t, getting at a kid cause yo h*e a*s ain’t got a real life, n*gga.”

He added, “On a second note, I hope God be wit you motherf*ckers. And excuse me God. Please excuse me for this cause you know how I feel about mine, please excuse me. But some of y’all don’t even belong here. Some of y’all don’t even exist anyway. That’s why you typing and sh*t, that’s your job right there, to type. Cause a n*gga see you in public you wouldn’t do none of that sh*t to mine. N*gga, I die about mine, n*gga. I will die about mine, n*gga. You gon die about your fingers?”

Scrappy also gave a warning, “You ain’t gon die about your fingers, n*gga. But you can. Now I know it ain’t a person that’s gon be like, ‘Oh, yeah. I did that sh*t. I’m the one that said that sh*t,’ cause you would be a h*e a*s, lame a*s, sucka a*s, f*ck a*s n*gga or h*e. You feel me? But like I said, let me calm down cause you can’t kill the world cause y’all motherf*ckers talk so much sh*t I’m thinking you motherf*ckers got diarrhea around this motherf*cker. Never be stopped up. Never got a calm day. B*tch a*s n*gga.”

He ended the video with,” Sorry. God be wit you motherf*ckers, God be wit you.”

Check out the video below.


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