‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Toni Unleashes on Kurupt + Kurupt’s Desperate to Leave

Marriage Boot Camp Season 17 Episode 7 Recap
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On the latest “Marriage Boot Camp,” things start off with Dr. Ish and Judge Toler checking in on Vado and Tahiry. Dr. ish speaks with Vado about his anger and what drove him over the edge.

Meanwhile, Tahiry reveals she doesn’t believe her throwing the apples at Vado warranted his reaction.

As this goes on, Hazel-E and De’Von return to the hospital. Hazel ultimately receives not-so-good news for her new pregnancy.

For the other couples, they address sex and intimacy in their relationship using a game of Truth or Dare and puppets. While Willie and Shanda continue their growth and Phaedra and Medina get kinky, things seemingly go over the edge for Kurupt and Toni.

Toni’s still angry over what she found inside Kurupt’s phone. Meanwhile, Dr. Ish decides he needs to remove all alcohol from the house. This leads to a rather tense back and forth between Kurupt and Toni.

Here’s the recap for, “Talk Dirty to Me.”

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