‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Star LaTisha Scott Says Ms. Wanda Isn’t Her Mouthpiece

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Melody and LaTisha’s fallout has been hard for Kimmi.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” star LaTisha Scott had a nasty fallout with Melody and Martell Holt. Of course, Marsau Scott also has his issues with them as well. On the show, things have only gotten worse with just about every episode. But it’s clear lines have been drawn now. Melody’s choice to kick LaTisha out of her business launch event was a clear sign the friendship won’t be saved anytime soon.

Melody still has no regrets.

And her feelings didn’t change even though Kimmi Scott told her she was wrong. But Melody was offended that Kimmi left with LaTisha after she was escorted out.

She said, “For me when you left early because she had to be dismissed it made me feel some kind of way. Like okay, Kimmi and I are working on us. And we’re moving in a good direction. There’s no hard feelings going on between us. If I was out right now and somebody saying something about Kimmi, I’ll be like, ‘No, hold up.’ So I’m trying to figure out if you’re able really to be right in the middle. Not being a mediator or not trying to pick sides. You may be able to not do that, you know?”


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Kimmi would understand this. And she agreed to not try to push Melody and LaTisha to make up.

Wanda and Kimmi have been clashing.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Wanda hasn’t been feeling how Kimmi has been handling the deterioration of Melody and LaTisha’s friendship. On the recent episode, Wanda even called Kimmi out. Of course, Kimmi wasn’t shy about having the conversation. But some fans of the show felt as if LaTisha was using Wanda to be her mouthpiece.

LaTisha addressed this during a recent interview.

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