Dr. Heavenly Kimes Feels Melody Holt is Being a Mean Girl on ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’

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Heavenly always speaks her mind.

When it comes to Dr. Heavenly Kimes, she’s always going to give her opinions. The “Married to Medicine” star has been watching the latest season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” And she shared her thoughts on a couple of things in a recent YouTube video.

Apparently, she’s not really sure Melody Holt has handled her fallout with LaTisha Scott the best way.

In particular, Heavenly doesn’t think it was the best idea to kick LaTisha out of the beauty launch event. And Heavenly just feels as if doing so was a bit mean girl like.

Heavenly thinks Melody is being a mean girl on LAMH.

She said, “I feel like on this show this season from what I’ve seen, and I’m just going by what I’m seeing, and I always preface that because I know it’s so many things that go on a reality TV…behind the scenes, on the scene. I may have missed something so y’all correct me if I’m wrong. Melody seems like the mean girl. Melody, I mean I know her outside of the show and she’s a sweet girl. She’s a go-getter and an entrepreneur. And I love her. But on the show to me, she seems pretty mean.”

Heavenly added, “Now that’s the sh*t I probably would have did, put a person out. But right is right. I think that if your friend or used to be friend was making an effort, you probably shouldn’t have put her out. You could have just been cordial.”

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